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How was the injection molding technology of injection molding machine factory development up to now

by:Hisson     2020-11-11
Some domestic plastics industry under the severe operating environment, are facing big high additional value products and special double color products development. And from the point of China's exhibition, multi-color molding technology is often show window, display manufacturers have multiplied several two-color machine, two-color machine in China is booming development. Here, injection molding machine factory for you under the analysis of injection molding technology is how to develop up to now. Double color injection allows the use of a variety of materials for production, in order to improve the product's functional and aesthetic. But the double color injection molding machine sales situation is not optimistic in China. The main reason is that: the cost of double color injection molding machine are more expensive than monochrome machine, and complex, precision mould design. Recent domestic plastics processing enterprises in the choice of multi-color injection molding equipment change: in the past mostly choose imported models, today began to purchase domestic models. On the one hand, because of the high cost of JinKouJi inconvenient maintenance services, and unable to cooperate with some special requirements; On the other hand, due to the current domestic large model and two-color machine and other special model development has been mature, technical level and the processing assembly quality has reached international standard, and can meet the needs of the customer's special design.
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