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If there are obstacles of the vertical injection molding machine, what type?

by:Hisson     2020-07-07
Equipment use time for a long time there will be some problem, so when, as a kind of injection molding equipment of vertical injection molding machine failure occurs, the fault is there any specific category? Below we have about the vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine manufacturer fault problem and share with you two categories. Fault type 1: gradual onset of failure. Vertical injection molding machine for its initial performance degradation resulting from the fault type gradually, a lot of vertical injection molding machine failure will appear this kind of failure. The fault types and electronic control, hydraulic machinery yuan parts of wear, corrosion, fatigue and creep process are closely related. Fault type 2: sudden failure. The fault type is mainly due to the various unfavorable factors and the occasional outside influence, the function of this role beyond the limit of vertical injection molding machine can bear, so failure. This type of failure are often sudden, advance and without warning, often because of the design, manufacture, assembly and material defects caused, or is caused by mistakes and illegal. Injection molding machine manufacturer advice: when vertical injection molding machine failure occurs, the need to please the professional maintenance personnel for repair work, non-professional maintenance personnel do not privately.
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