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In life there are many types of plastic products, then you know what these are?

by:Hisson     2020-10-09
In life there are many types of plastic products, then you know what these are? Injection molding machine factory to talk about in detail about the injection molding machine injection molding those steps. First of all, to say the action of injection molding machine program: shoot stage into & rarr; Injection & rarr; The holding & rarr; Pre plastic & rarr; Pour shrinkage & rarr; Shoot a loose back & rarr; Cooling & rarr; Open mould & rarr; Out & rarr; Return a needle & rarr; Open the door & rarr; Close the door & rarr; Clamping & rarr; Shoot stage. Injection molding machine operating the operation of the project: injection molding machine project including control keyboard operation, electrical control cabinet and the hydraulic system operation in three aspects. Movement and feeding movement respectively by injection process, injection pressure, injection rate, ejection type choice, cylinder paragraphs temperature and current, voltage monitoring, the adjustment of the injection pressure and back pressure, etc. Injection process action choice: general injection molding machine can be manually operation, can also be semi-automatic and fully automatic operation. Manual operation is in a production cycle, every action is accomplished by the operator operating switches. When commissioning the variable chosen commonly; Semi-automatic operation machine can automatically complete a working cycle of action, but every production cycle after the completion of the operator must pull open door, remove the artifacts, close the door again, machine will continue to the next cycle of production. Operation on the fully automatic injection molding machine in the completion of a working cycle of action, and then automatically into the next cycle. In the normal work continuously in order to control and adjust the process without stopping. With superior quality production machinery, by the good faith attitude in the face of the broad masses of customers, the pursuit of technological innovation in the injection molding machine industry. Company 16 years specializing in the production of vertical injection molding machine and provide professional injection molding solution, also can help us improve in the later sales recognition, is a manufacturer product choice.
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