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Injection molding and injection molding machine use technical problems

by:Hisson     2020-12-16
In everyday use in the production of injection molding machine, molding sometimes encountered technical difficulties, so we usually what are the problems? And how to solve? The following from the analysis of injection molding machine manufacturer for your injection molding and injection molding machine use technical problem solving. 1. Pressure and flow linear effect on the injection molding process is mainly oil pump wear and tear, or pump bearing wear caused by oil pump noise is bigger. 2. Hydraulic bent elbow type injection molding machine in production, the clamping force decline and die loose the cause and the treatment scheme is mainly bent elbow wear and clamping cylinder seal caused by aging, change curve elbow sheath, replace the clamping oil cylinder oil seal. 3. Feed tube middle the reason of higher temperature and solution to the middle temperature on the high side, mainly is the screw surface smoothness is not enough, screw due to friction with the material. To cope with the screw surface polishing treatment or plating. Cut back to feed back pressure, etc. 4. Use of lubricating oil and grease, Butter) The comparison of lubricating oil and grease lubrication machine mechanical activity, lubricating oil more easily than grease penetration to the mechanical parts. And the grease can be long time adhere to the mechanical parts. 5. Electronic scale compared with the decoder electronic scale and decoder are machine movement scale, electronic scale accuracy than the decoder is poor, but stable than decoder, will not change the origin. Decoder than high precision electronic scale, but no stable electronic scale, variable origin. 6. Plunger cylinder screw often break reason and treatment scheme is mainly fixed screw strength is not enough, or a fixed screw Yi Zhensong. Replace the high intensity of fixed screw, when installation to be on the set screw and slide ring to prevent vibration screw loose. 7. Analysis of the oil pump noise bigger cylinder core wear resistant oil scraped oil seal, keep the oil cylinder core clean, avoid wear to prevent broken oil seal leakage. 8. Hydraulic oil hydraulic oil to bleach white metamorphism of analysis is caused by hydraulic oil mixed with water in the white metamorphism. 9. In the production of normal cases, fever circle frequency analysis of the causes of burn mainly fever circle contact is not good, cause thrum burn out, or fever circle heating wire is not easy oxidation of high temperature resistant burn out. 10. Equipped with energy-saving frequency converter analysis on the influence of the machine equipped with energy-saving frequency converter have an impact on the stability of the machine, the machine up pressure slowly.
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