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Injection molding defects floating fibre problems and solutions

by:Hisson     2020-10-11
Injection molding defects floating fibre problems and solutions in the daily use of injection molding machine production, we often encounter all sorts of problems, floating fiber problem is one of them, whether you also encountered in the production of plastic injection? The dew is fiber glass fiber in the product surface, appearance is very hard to accept, is coarser. Why can produce this kind of reason? Because when adding this kind of padding, generally is a physical mixing method, so just glass fiber distributed evenly in the middle of the plastic, but after the plastic melt by adding glass fiber and the proportion of the length is different, and the temperature has a certain degree of influence of raw material, the mixture will show different degrees of separation. So why do fiberglass appear naked? During the shoot rubber injection molding machine, plastic is Newton's motion, the flow of material is different from the flow of the liquid. As if there are some branches in rivers and sundry, because the resistance on the Banks of the river water flow on the shore and slow down and stop to depend on, it's similar to populate the epidermal layer some, so these branches in injection molding, is the appearance, also is the floating fiber. Glass fiber on the liquidity will be far worse than plastic liquidity, and in the production of plastic injection mould of plastic is fountain flow, so the best liquidity is certainly ran to the front, illiquid, certainly will only stay on the surface of the mold and fire-proof material mould surface adsorption and do fire retardant is also one of the reasons. Generally adopts the following method can reduce the proportion of floating fiber: 1. Increased after filling speed increase speed, glass fiber and plastic despite the velocity is different, but relative to the high speed shoot glue, the proportion of the relative velocity difference is small, like a river in a riptide location again never have branches. 2. Higher mold temperature the effect is one of the biggest, higher mold temperature, can reduce the glass fiber and die contact resistance, make the speed of the glass fiber and plastic difference as far as possible. And make the plastic flow in the middle of the molten layer thickness as far as possible, make the skin on both sides of the thin layer as far as possible. RHCM is use this principle to do without floating fine appearance. 3. Reduce the temperature of screw metering section, reduce the amount of sol this is to allow the possibility of plastic glass fiber separation to reduce as far as possible, generally for floating minimal impact. However, this can well solve the burning. This is because after adding glass fiber, glass fiber volume relative to a much higher plastic, so it is easy to plug the exhaust channel, so it is difficult to exhaust in the final, and glass fiber in the high pressure oxygen gas environment is easy to burn! 16 years focused on vertical injection molding machine, professional provide: silicone injection molding machine, double color disc injection molding machine, spark plug injection molding machine, etc
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