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Injection molding machine and advantage of the injection molding method

by:Hisson     2020-10-17
We has a very wide range of injection molding machine application, in our daily life and work are always enjoying the mold is widely used by many advantages, such as automotive, home appliances, daily necessities, is inseparable from the mould, such as toys. Injection molding is a kind of industrial product modeling method. Rubber injection molding and plastic injection molding products are usually used. Injection can separate injection moulding method. And the die casting method. Injection moulding machine, Injection machine or injection molding machine) Is the thermoplastic or thermosetting material using plastic molding mold made into various shapes of plastic products mainly molding equipment, injection molding is done by injection molding machine and mold. The injection mould machine ( Injection molding machine) There are two basic components: used for melting and sent plastic mold injection device and clamping device. The role of the clamping device is: 1. Closes the mold in the case of hold injection pressure; 2. Remove products injection device before plastic injection mould molten, and then control the pressure and speed will melt injection mold. At present there are two kinds of design: injection device screw plasticizing device or two-stage devices, as well as the reciprocating screw. Screw pre plasticizing unit using pre plasticizing screws ( The first level) Then the molten plastic injection note material rod ( The second level) 。 The advantages of injection molding machine injection molding processing is constant, the melt quality with high pressure and high speed, and precise injection volume control ( Using mechanical thrust device) at the ends of the piston stroke 。 These strengths are transparent, thin wall products and high production rate. Its shortcomings include uneven residence time ( Lead to material degradation) , high equipment cost and maintenance cost.
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