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Injection molding machine common faults and processing methods for reference

by:Hisson     2020-04-07
Before the injection molding machine maintenance, must first fully clear understanding of the principle of operation of the machine, such as electric principle, the principle of hydraulic and mechanical principles. Second, the four steps to follow the ancients sees a doctor namely inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking and palpation. Keep a clear head, not irritable, to figure out which belongs to electric, hydraulic, mechanical failure, the distinction between simple according to the following steps: the following is a common faults and processing methods for reference one, the oil pump motor does not start 1 turn, motor, at the same time a abnormal sound, immediately shut off the emergency stop button, check whether the fuse fusing or loose, check whether the motor three-phase power supply is normal again 2, motor start button, motor noise may push button switch, ac contactor line loose, or thermal relay action 3, the oil pump card death cause motor rotation ( There are some voice) the motor 4, motor burn out, according to the specifications of the original repair and find the cause of ( Such as over load, phase, communication relay contact is bad, motor line contact is loose, or three-phase power supply voltage imbalance, instability) 2, electric function, but can't afford to pressure or big can't pump pressure 1, small pump electromagnetic relief valve or pressure proportional valve solenoid coil does not suck or the internal valve core is sundry stuck, remove the cleaning, check whether the electromagnet coil is burned at the same time, the connection is loose, or poor contact 2, oil pump is damaged, repair or replacement pump 3, the oil level of the bottom, cause the pump suction empty 4, whether oil screen block 5, whether the motor reversal, phase 6, there is a air pump, deflated 7 first, control of large pump overflow valve of the main valve heart gets stuck, remove the relief valve cleaning three, not die 1 trip switch wiring loose or damaged, the security, safety door trip down, check SQ1, for SQ2, SQ32 already closed 3, clamping and SQ4 travel switch electromagnetic valve stuck or electromagnetic valve socket is loose, thimble back switch of the formative of 4 was no closed 5, system pressure, according to the ( 2) Item repair four, no 1, low injection pressure, injection or slow speed too slow, higher injection pressure, injection speed quickly, the heating temperature of plastic base: 2 3 elevated temperature, nozzle blockage, remove the heating cleaning 4, injection time too short 5 injection of electromagnetic valve stuck. 6, injection solenoid valves shall not be electric. Check electrical reason five, not plastic or plastic slow 1, plastic end trip switch is closed, collision block of travel switch, 2, 3 one-way throttle valve shut up, is expected to bottom too warm, higher temperature 4, plastic electromagnetic valve jammed, remove the wash 5, plastic pressure is too low, raise the interior in plastic pressure 6, screw stuck screw. Remove the screw cleaning, clean cylinder 7, hydraulic motor, bearing stuck preparing plastic screw rotation, but not feed 1, 2, charging high back pressure suction mouth out of the water shortage, material feeding mouths 'bridge'; Adjust water, remove adhesive structure of plastic block 3, lack of material, charging 4, screw off 5, back pressure is too high, the lower back pressure can not transfer die or die hard seven, 1, the system pressure regulating form tie after 2, nut with impurities, or lack of lubricant grease stuck; Cleaning rod nut, repair, installation time to pay attention to the axial clearance of the four nuts to be consistent, then add grease 3, mold electromagnetic valve stuck or loose sockets: inspection and repair 4, the variable hydraulic motor is damaged, repair or replacement. 1, oil pump, hydraulic oil temperature is too high pressure is too high, according to the plastic molding process properly lower working pressure 2, in the amount of oil in the tank is insufficient, add enough hydraulic oil, oil cooler used for a long time, full scale, poor cooling effect, clean the cooler 4, cooling water flow rate is not big enough, or the temperature of the cooling water is not enough low nine, semi-automatic operation failure the machine is semi-automatic operation is by the door opened, the stroke switch is closed, signaling that machine semi-automatic action began, and then mould clamping, encounter after SQ4 travel switch, clamping end, at the same time began to injection, injection timing starts time relay, began to forecast model, after the injection of time to meet forecast model after the end of the trip switch, began to flow, run into the flow after the trip switch, cooldown time relay, time to make mould, and then open mold, open ended a travel switch mode, make out action, hit out after termination of travel switch, a refund action, touching the top end after the trip back, waiting for the open door, in this way, the cycle of work. By it can be seen that if manual is normal, most commonly by travel switch and time relay signals caused by. According to the semi-automatic action that one phase failure in mechanical cycle, control electronics, hydraulic principle diagram to find out the corresponding control element, for inspection.
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