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Injection molding machine factory of how to choose the two indicators of injection molding machine screw

by:Hisson     2020-11-12
With the development of machinery industry, injection molding machine has become the mainstream of the mechanical processing industry. So today we as long as the problem is how to choose the injection molding machine screw. Actually in the process of choice as long as according to two indicators, it can choose a good screw. Then by the injection molding machine factory for you on the two indicators of related content. 1, fast, and & other; Injection speed & throughout; The confirmation. Rapid-fire out some finished products need overhead rate to stable forming, such as ultra-thin products, in this case, you may need to confirm the injection rate of the machine and shot speed enough, whether to need to match accumulator, the closed loop control device. In general, in the same conditions, can provide a high pressure screw usually firing rate is low, on the contrary, can provide a low pressure screw usually firing rate is higher. Therefore, choosing screw diameter, injection volume, injection pressure and injection rate ( Injection speed) , need to cross considerations and tradeoffs. 2, well: the plastic judgement & other; Screw compression ratio & throughout; And & other; Injection pressure & throughout; Such conditions. Some engineering plastics need high injection pressure and the appropriate screw compression ratio design, just have good molding effect, so in order to make the finished product shoot better, also need to consider when choosing screw the needs of the radiation pressure and compression ratio. In general, smaller diameter screw can provide higher injection pressure. Black spots in macular shot molding products and injection molding products of macular analysis and treatment method of anomaly analysis: 1, the impurity of raw materials, injection molding machine screw 2 finish enough 3, n the material of teflon screw itself has a problem, steel products and impurities. 4, nitrogen, fluorine dragon screw surface of coke content 5, injection molding machine screw cylinder and auxiliaries ( Suction feeder) Not clean June, non-return ring, thrust ring and screw head, cylinder and other impurity or corrosion before burning material 8, 7, flange, nozzle temperature is exorbitant, melt back pressure is too large the solution: 1, check the flange, the nozzle; Cleaning and polishing or replace, check the paragraphs 2 temperature Settings; Cooling, reduce the back pressure of 3, check whether the raw materials have impurities; Change the raw material of 4. Check nitrogen teflon screw cleaning and polishing the screw 5, look for dust hopper polishing material tube and cleaning auxiliary machine 6, check whether the impurity or corrode; Cleaning and polishing or replacement
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