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Injection molding machine factory of injection molding machine can do

by:Hisson     2020-11-09
Our company recently received a lot of customers consulting, questions are asked injection molding machine can do? So, injection molding machine factory unified here today in the following answer for all of us! The purpose of the injection molding machine, injection molding machine can have a molding complex, the size is accurate or with metal insert of the texture is fine and close the ability of plastic products, widely used in national defense, mechanical and electrical, automotive, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture and education of health and People's Daily life each domain knowledge extension: injection molding machine and injection machine and injection machine. It is the thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic using plastic molding mold made into various shapes of plastic products mainly molding equipment. Here, injection molding machine factory is pointed out that the working principle of injection molding machine and injection syringe is similar, it is with the screw ( Or plunger) The thrust, will has good plasticizing molten state ( The viscous flow state) Plastic injection into the closed good cavity, after curing finalize the design the product process.
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