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Injection molding machine factory of injection molding machine maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic

by:Hisson     2020-11-07
In the machinery industry, injection molding machine is a kind of more widely used machinery, in the plastic industry is almost than using a mechanical equipment. Then by the injection molding machine factory of relevant personnel to tell everyone about the injection molding machine maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic article related content. Its role is largely a backlog and the under high pressure shot into the plastic molding mold, and made into a variety of plastic shape. Injection molding machine is the injection plastic industrial products processing industry a key ring. Is it works under the effect of heating equipment, plastic melt into liquid, after filling molding injection system, make the form of fixed shape. The working principle of injection molding machine is relatively simple, is heated, and shape. But from the working principle is the principle of a simple model. In engineering practice, the injection molding machine is made up, a lot of original and mutual work together to complete the action. From the perspective of a large composition system, injection molding machine is made by injection system, and mould system, hydraulic transmission, electrical control system, heating and cooling system, etc. From the above view, the composition of the system composed of injection molding machine is very complicated, preventive maintenance and the problem is also more cumbersome. Here we have some common maintenance for once, in a few big system of injection molding machine, hydraulic system is very important, it gives power injection molding machine of each action, and to meet the need of the parts in pressure, temperature and so on. 1. Attention should be paid to the change of the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil to reduce bring lots of problems, such as result in higher temperature, the main of the change of the hydraulic oil is oil leakage phenomenon of the equipment, so in peacetime, we must check email before, during, and after work, if the surrounding parts wear is replaced as early as possible. 2. The change of the hydraulic oil temperature, oil temperature of the hydraulic system working range is 45 - 50 c. But this is not fixed. The different kinds of hydraulic oil, the oil viscosity is different also, to demand different working temperature. The change in temperature would cause viscosity changes, resulting in the change of the velocity. Experiments show that the viscosity is too big, can make the precision of injection molding machine, drop in sensitivity. Can also cause the aging of hydraulic seals. 3. The oxidation of the hydraulic oil problem: hydraulic oil must be stable to work. Otherwise it will produce the chemical material such as wood tar oxide, cause the hydraulic oil pollution, under the high pressure movement, the impurities and seal rubbing against each other, will cause the original failure, clearance jam. The contaminated hydraulic oil filter tank can be used. You can also use isolated precipitation method. On this, points out that modern injection molding machine injection molding machine factory is more and more sophisticated, electric, hydraulic, mechanical part very closely contact control, there is something wrong with the, often is not a component failure, but from the malfunction of component parts together. This article from the injection molding machine hydraulic parts, hydraulic parts are in detail described the maintenance and maintenance, hope that customers in the daily maintenance of injection molding machine.
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