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Injection molding machine factory of skateboard injection molding machine of the three methods of the reform of power saving

by:Hisson     2020-11-03
With the development of machinery industry rapidly, injection molding machine injection has become the factory processing industry leader. So, skateboard injection molding machine woke up how to save electricity transformation? Tell you many years experience in injection molding machine factory is three methods. By next we introduce you to. 1, vertical cavity, vertical injection, apply to insert molding. 2, fast clamping, mode of low-voltage safety lock, abnormal automatic mould, unique safety design. 3, automatic fault display, maintenance easier. 4, electric, hydraulic parts adopt famous brand, quiet, precise and durable. More than 5, temperature control, injection pressure, firing rate, back pressure automatic adjustment, suitable for precision molding plastic parts. The injection molding industry is facing a common problem: injection molding machine energy consumption is so high, how to make it energy saving? How to save electricity? Injection molding machine factory expert advice can be obtain from the following three aspects: 1: servo motor system is a closed loop system, how many pressure flow to how much pressure flow injection molding machine, not more nor less, production of products is very stable. Because of servo system is a closed loop, let oil action until the valve, it is said this action how much pressure flow, is controlled by pressure sensor and encoder feedback to drive servo motor of oil pump, this is an obvious energy saving is one of the key points. Second, holding the asynchronous motor is to big work load, the load is large current, current power consumption is big. Contrary, servo motor, servo motor is malaria control in the holding torque, inner gear and gear pump is low RPM also can rise to high pressure, so compared with the original system and frequency conversion control does not burn out motor is also more energy efficient, it is energy saving point # 2. Three, cooling the servo motor is not electricity, because there is no work signal injection molding machine, so the bar serving not give signal to the servo motor drive, it is energy saving point # 3.
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