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Injection molding machine factory of the scope of work of high-speed injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-10-28
High efficiency and energy saving system of injection molding machine drying machine is out of the hot air drying machine, the by the high efficiency and energy saving transformation system, absorbing heat out to the moisture content in the dust. In the use of American recovery technology (nano heat radiation A patent for invention) Injection molding machine feeding tube radiation heat, to realize the collection of waste heat recycling, can save a dryer to dry the consumption of raw materials and energy, will not affect the normal use of injection molding machine at the same time, the energy saving effect is remarkable, dehumidifying effect is obvious. Because of the reduced cylinder discharge of heat at the same time, reduce the production workshop environment temperature, indirect reduce air conditioning costs. Then by the injection molding machine factory to explain the content of the work scope of high-speed injection molding machine. 1. Product application: molding drier dryer machine high efficiency and energy saving system 2. Product specifications: different customized according to user's dryer, meet different specifications of equipment; 3. Direct income: power saving rate 50% 80%, about 12 months to recover investment; 4. Indirect benefits: workshop temperature is reduced, save the cost of cooling; Improve the working environment, improve work efficiency; Commitment: the power saving rate below 50%, all the modification cost, and restore the original condition. Drying machine principle of high efficiency and energy saving system product advantages: 1. Compared with the traditional drying machine, this system can save more than 50% of the electricity consumption, energy saving effect is remarkable. 2. The system avoid WeiHuXing, durable use normally more than 15 years. 3. Dehumidification effect is obvious, revoke dehumidifying device: dryer emit hot air contains moisture and dust, after transformation high-efficiency heat exchanger, the quantity of heat absorption reuse moisture dust discharge, the elimination of water is the way through the heat exchanger evaporation of moisture, and then after fan cooling to heating tube heating, by using the principle of dehumidifier wheel, so our products have a certain simple dehumidifying effect. 4. The injection molding machine material acquisition of tube radiation heat energy utilization, reduce the production workshop environment temperature. 5. Optimize the environment of workshop, effectively collect smoke and dust, exhaust smoke and dust through efficient heat exchanger, this product comes with a specific recycle bags, not direct emissions to the workshop, the dryer is no WeiHuXing, high efficiency and energy saving system with different on the field of the hot air collector, avoid replacement cleaning filter tedious work. The above content by finishing about the relevant knowledge of high-speed injection molding machine injection molding machine factory, hope to be of help.
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