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Injection molding machine factory of vertical injection molding machine breakdown maintenance of generality

by:Hisson     2020-11-01
Because produced in modern injection molding machine, injection molding machine structure, a high degree of automation, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical connection is very tight, so injection molding machine present problem, even the failure of the part, will form the production of injection molding machine. Vertical injection molding machine problems directly affect the quality and quantity of injection molding products. Here, give you about the vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine factory breakdown maintenance of generality. Vertical injection molding machine, usually is refers to the loss in the use of injection molding machine or system function of the event or representation or down its rules. Injection molding machine is the company to meet the demand of injection molding products production technology and equipment. The function of injection molding machine embodies it in plastic injection products produce activity that exist in the value and make sure of the injection molding production. Neither imports is still domestic injection molding machine repair has the following characteristics: 1, injection molding machine of investment in fixed assets, production scale is big, consumes the material, labor production rate is high, the production value is big. Is a kind of labor organization efficiency higher yield. 2, injection molding machine, while the operation is simple, less workers, but the high technical content, injection molding machine for injection molding machine repair work. 3, injection molding machine by mechanical, hydraulic, electrical appliances, special fittings and so on, according to the requirements of injection molding processing technology organically combined together, a high degree of automation, closely related with each other; Injection molding machine can work 24 h class 3 continuous. If a component injection attacks, will result in downtime. Finally, injection molding machine factory pointed out to ensure that the vertical injection molding machine often is in perfect condition, we must strengthen the injection molding machine to handle the work, strict control of injection molding machine fault attack. To drop the trouble rate, reduce repair costs, extend the using life of purpose.
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