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Injection molding machine factory of vertical injection molding machine fault points

by:Hisson     2020-11-01
Injection molding machine factory study injection performance or state over time and decline gradually. There will be some omen before a lot of failure, this is called latent failure, it can identify the physical parameters of suggests that a functional failure is about to occur, the functional fault show that the performance standards set by the vertical injection molding machine lost. Vertical injection molding machine failure rate changing with the time, has often been called the bathtub curve. The failure rate changes over time in vertical injection molding machine can be divided into three stages: early stage failure period, accidental failure and wear failure. 1. Early stage failure of vertical injection molding machine in the early failure, start the failure rate is very high, but over time failure rate drops rapidly, early failure period for mechanical products is also called period. This paragraph of time is, for the product, system design and manufacturing quality. Failure happened during this time, is mainly caused by the defects on the design, manufacture, or that caused by improper use of the environment. 2. Stage accidental fault vertical injection molding machine in occasional failure, failure rate is roughly stable, reached a constant value. During this period, the failure is random. In the accidental fault period, vertical injection molding machine low failure rate, and stability. 。 So say, this is the best state of vertical injection molding machine period or normal working period. This section called useful life. Accidental fault phase fault, due to the lack of design, improper use and maintenance. So by progress, improving design quality using governance, strengthening the monitoring diagnosis and maintenance work, can make failure rate is reduced to the lowest level. 3. Wear fault period in the late stage of vertical injection molding machine use, failure rate began to rise. This is because the vertical injection molding machine parts wear, fatigue, aging, corrosion and so on. If at the beginning of inflection point namely wear fault period for overhaul, economy of can effectively reduce the failure rate. Injection molding machine factory for many years experience in analysis of vertical injection molding machine failure rate curve of the three stages of change, truly reflect the vertical injection molding machine from running-in, debugging and normal work to repair or scrap failure rate change rule, strengthen the daily management and maintenance of vertical injection molding machine, can extend the occasional failure. Correctly identify a turning point, can avoid surplus expanded repair or repair, in order to obtain the best investment benefit.
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