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Injection molding machine factory of vertical injection molding machine in use of time to go through what process?

by:Hisson     2020-11-01
For the use of vertical injection molding machine operation for some older operators should be very simple things, but for some novice, it is not so simple. So, the following injection molding machine factory is to introduce some new operators, vertical injection molding machine in the use of the need to pass what process, need how to go is the most safe operation. The first thing to do preparatory work, to check every parts of the machine are in good condition, and each part of the electrical control box. At the same time, also check the machine hydraulic oil level is normal, and the hydraulic oil foot shortage, is insufficient to fill up. At the same time also check out the oil is not normal. Second began operating, began to pretend, move the moulding machine to the highest position, but the plastic film is installed on the template, and then give a fixed template, and then correct, finally in the screw down the screws. Below is about to start heating cylinder of the machine, the electric control box of the first power on, then turn on the switch, and then put the material into the cylinder, to melt. The next step is to conduct the operation of the injection molding, melt the good material to injection mold, die casting body was started, the last is about to open the mould, take out the products. Finally, injection molding machine factory pointed out to maintenance and maintenance of product, because the operation of the machine for a long time, there will be some stain, this time to clean up, by this time also look at each component of lubricating oil foot shortage, is insufficient to add.
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