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Injection molding machine factory share injection machine equipment form of injection pressure and control

by:Hisson     2020-10-27
In the use of injection molding machine processing products, it is made of injection pressure to the end product is very big, so when processing goods must be adjusted to the reasonable injection pressure condition. Adjust the injection molding machine injection pressure regulating valve is usually used when completed, usually at the time of adjust the pressure on the concave and convex on off pressure oil, to adjust the injection pressure bump. Then by the injection molding machine factory of relevant technical personnel on injection machine equipment for you form of injection pressure and control. Usually medium injection molding machine equipment is usually there will be a high pressure, low pressure and low pressure after high pressure first several methods which can be selected. High pressure injection time is in the injection cylinder of high pressure oil inside, because pressure is high, the plastic in the first time will be in higher pressure and speed is faster under the condition of entering to touch inside the cavity. Love in the condition of high pressure injection plastic into the cavity inside is very fast, injection oil cylinder pressure gauge above numerical rising very fast. Low pressure injection is in low pressure inside the cylinder to oil injection, the injection pressure gauge in the numerical rise above is very slow, plastic under the condition of the pressure and velocity are small into the cavity to go inside. There is a high pressure in low pressure method first, it is according to the variety of plastic and mold's actual demand, use the time to enter into the oil cylinder pressure oil pressure. Finally, in order to make all kinds of plastic injection molding machine factory in produce of time have their respective requirements of injection pressure, can through the replacement of various diameter range perhaps screw plunger method to complete, do a was able to get to the injection pressure, injection molding machine and the production capacity of useful development. In some planning what is a temporary often larger injection molding machine equipment section of the injection pressure and multi-stage injection speed control effect, this can let produce the goods will be more high quality and precision.
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