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Injection molding machine factory to share the calculation of vertical injection molding machine clamping force

by:Hisson     2020-10-27
Vertical injection molding machine clamping force to lock the maximum of the mould. Shoot for forming space of material role in the direction of the open mold, injection will need the following in the clamping force, usually requires materials for clamping force is less than 80%. Material is forming space per unit area of parallel formation pressure forming space projection area of the product. Forming space per unit area of average pressure varies between injection mechanism, plunger ㎏ / ㎝, about 400-500 screw ㎏ / ㎝. About 250-350. Then by the injection molding machine factory for you to talk a vertical injection molding machine clamping force calculation formula of the related knowledge. 1. Empirical formula: injection molding machine clamping force = forming space per unit area of average pressure & times; Forming space projection area & times; Coefficient & times; The finished product long & times; The finished width & times; Note: the finished product length, width unit for cm; Calculate the clamping force of the unit is kg, divided by 1000 for the injection machine tonnage ( T) ; Forming space of the projection area of the projection area of the finished product, finished product, such as housing, will be finished after the four sides of to its length and width. 2. Calculated the required injection molding injection molding machine tonnage, then according to the result of this calculation to choose injection machine ( The selected injection selection of injection machine tonnage must be greater than the calculation result) 。 But should pay attention to the choice of injection machine, his brother Lin distance with the minimum modulus maximum thickness, mold the biggest width size must be smaller than the choice of injection machine, his brother Lin distance, the height of the mould must be in the choice of injection machine maximum minimum modulus between thick. According to the product or the weight of the injection quantity choose different tonnage, such as 30, 60 t t, 40 t, 50 t, 80 t, 100 t, 120 t, 160 t, 168 t, 268 t, the current domestic maximum tonnage of 4000 t, the greater the tonnage, injection molding machine screw diameter of the greater & hellip; … How to choose the processing of plastic parts injection molding machine tonnage. In general, engaged in injection molding industry for many years most of the customers have the ability to judge for themselves and choose the right injection molding machine to production. But in some cases, the customer may need vendor help to decide which one specifications of the injection molding machine, even the customer may only sample of the product or idea, and then ask the vendor whether the machine can produce, or what kind of models to suit. In addition, the injection molding machine factory pointed out some special products may need to match the special devices such as accumulator, the closed loop, injection compression, etc. , can be more efficient production. Therefore, how to decide the right injection molding machine to production, is a very important problem.
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