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Injection molding machine factory what is the basic process of injection molding machine?

by:Hisson     2020-11-07
Generally the injection molding machine in the factory, it is the basic process of how to? The following by the injection molding machine factory to answer for you. ( 1) Moulding process of the clamping cylinder pressure oil driving clamping mechanism movement, dynamic template moving die closed. Among them, the mould start with low pressure, high speed closed; When the approach dynamic template fixed template, and then switch to low speed and low pressure closed; When confirm there is no foreign bodies exist in the mould, and then switch to high pressure, Clamping force) And will die lock. ( 2) Injection device shot feeding process after the mould clamping force to lock, injection device into the working condition of the nozzle and the mould joint. Injection solenoid valve after electrify, injection oil cylinder filling pressure oil, connected with the oil cylinder piston rod of the screw, and according to the hierarchical pressure and velocity of molten material in the injection molding machine cylinder inside the cavity of injection locking. ( 3) The holding process of molten material in the process of filling cavity until filling, after the expiration of the screw is to maintain a certain pressure, the melting to prevent mold in the liquid reflux; At the same time, holding pressure, in order to supplement products within the cavity cooling contraction of required materials, avoid plastic products produce the defects such as shrinkage cavity. ( 4) Cooling and plastic process once the gate after sealing, cancel the holding process of natural products in the mould cooling stereotypes; At the same time, the driver in piasticising oil motor to rotate the screw, the granulated plastic from the hopper forward delivery, plasticizing. In raw material plasticizing to the expected value of measurement, in order to prevent overflow nozzle has molten plastic, need to move the injection molding machine screw back a certain distance, namely to prevent delay processing. ( 5) Injection device, mould and plastic products back ejection process in piasticising metering and prevent after the delay process, in order to make the nozzle not contact for a long time and LengMo formed by cold material, etc. , usually need to nozzle from mold, namely into the injection device condition. Whether the action execution, and execution of the program, to choose from. Once products after cooling to finalize the design, open mold, and the top products. The above content is made by injection molding machine factory to sort out the knowledge, hope to be of help.
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