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Injection molding machine factory will teach you the cautions of injection molding machine maintenance

by:Hisson     2020-10-26
In the process of enterprise use of plastic injection machine failure, we are in the process of injection molding machine maintenance should pay attention to what issues? Today, by the service engineer of injection molding machine manufacturer to introduce some for you. ( 1) 。 Non-professional maintenance personnel or without professional maintenance staff permission, cannot open mold repair by oneself. ( 2) 。 The production process of small fault, and the machine can be solved according to the situation. Such as: 2. 1 into the gate stick mode: the copper needle in the feed nozzle on, do not use rigid thing. no mould, such as steel. 2. 2 cavity mould mark slightly, can choose according to the cavity finish polishing materials. Such as grain surface cannot use sand paper polishing materials, usually with copper brush dips in diamond paste or king kong mortar scrub, performed by professional maintenance personnel. 2. 3 products sticky mold: general with hot plastic coated products and top parts, and that to stay out after cooling. If use fire to be careful not to damage the mold surface. ( 3) 。 Professional repair mold, we don't change structure, need to change the structure subject to the consent of the department of quality engineering rear can be carried out. ( 4) 。 Ensure the quality of maintenance, choose the appropriate equipment, materials, tools, and the method to solve the problem, with the fastest speed to complete.
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