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Injection molding machine fault management preventive measures

by:Hisson     2020-04-05
Must complete injection molding machine fault management and the prevention work, must grasp the causes of injection molding machine, the accumulation of permanent fault and typical fault information and data, to carry out failure analysis, attaches great importance to the law of fault and fault mechanism research, strengthen the routine maintenance, inspection and repair. Fault management development program has the following eight aspects: do a good job in publicity and education work, make the operation and maintenance workers consciously to serious injection molding machine fault recording, statistics, analysis, put forward reasonable Suggestions. 2. Closely combining with the characteristics of injection molding production and injection molding machine status and use in the injection molding machine is divided into a, b, c three categories, to determine the fault management focus. 3. By monitoring instrument, the key parts of injection molding machine for systematic monitoring, and found signs of failure and degradation of information. General injection molding machine is through the human senses and general detection tools for routine check, tour inspection, regular inspection ( Including precision inspection) , intact state examination, etc. , focus on mastering the failed parts, technical state and abnormal phenomena of institutions and spare parts information. At the same time to make the inspection standard, determine the injection molding machine the boundaries of normal, abnormal and failure. 4. For failure analysis, training injection molding machine repair personnel to grasp the method of fault analysis. 5. Fault recording data, the basis of fault management is to realize the injection molding machine fault analysis and processing of the original basis, and correct records must be complete. Injection molding machine maintenance workers in the field after inspection and repair, should according to the content of the 'plastic injection machine fault repair list' fill in, workshop machinist statistical analysis on a monthly basis and submit the injection molding machine management director. 6. Injection molding machine repair workshop member besides daily master fault condition, should be collected by the month 'fault repair list' and maintenance record. Through statistics, sorting, analysis of the failure data, calculate the failure frequency, average failure interval of all kinds of injection molding machine, analysis of the single injection molding machine fault dynamic and focus on the cause of the problem, find out the occurrence rules of fault, in order to highlight the key countermeasure and the fault information analysis information feedback to the planning department, to prevent repair or improvement action plan, also can be modified as a regular inspection intervals, check the content and the basis of the standard. According to statistics of the data, statistical analysis can draw diagrams, such as single injection molding machine fault dynamic statistical analysis table is maintenance team on fault and other visual management of the effective methods, convenient for management and maintenance workers in a timely manner to master all kinds of plastic injection machine failure, and to determine the maintenance countermeasures have clear objectives. 7. Through the state of daily inspection tour and injection molding machine injection molding machine maintenance workers check, status information and fault symptoms, as well as the relevant records, analysis of data, by part injection molding machine maintenance or repair workshop leader in view of the problems of all kinds of injection molding machine, arrange daily maintenance in time, make full use of the production time or holidays, do prevention in the first, in order to control and reduce the fault occurred. For some fault symptoms, the hidden danger, daily maintenance cannot afford, then feedback to scheduling repairing plan department. 8. Make flow chart of fault information management.
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