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Injection molding machine high temperature rise will be how?

by:Hisson     2020-04-04
Injection molding machine high temperature rise five hazards: make the machinery to produce hot deformation, oil viscosity, the deformation of rubber seals, accelerating the oil oxidation, but also make the air component of the pressure drop. Hazard: one of the mechanical hydraulic components in the thermal deformation due to its thermal expansion coefficient of different moving parts fit trainee become smaller and stuck, cause action failure, affect the hydraulic system of transmission precision, deterioration in quality parts work. Harm # 2: reduce the viscosity of the oil injection molding machine high temperature will lead to the oil viscosity is reduced, leakage increases, the volume of the pump efficiency and the efficiency of the whole system will be significantly reduced. As a result of the oil viscosity is reduced, valve and other moving parts of the oil film thinning and cut broken, frictional resistance increases, lead to wear and tear. Harm # 3: make rubber seal deformation injection molding machine high temperature can make the rubber seals, accelerated aging failure, reduce the sealing performance and using life, cause leakage. Of the four: accelerating the oil oxidation injection molding machine high temperature rise will accelerate the oil oxidation, precipitation asphalt material, reduce the service life of hydraulic oil. Precipitates jam the damping holes and cracks type valve, causing pressure valve stuck and cannot move, metal pipeline elongation and bending, and even rupture. Harm of five: deterioration in parts work quality injection molding machine components can lead to high quality of work, the air dissolved in transformer oil escape, produce cavitation, the working performance of hydraulic system. Hydraulic system of the ideal working temperature should be between 45 to 50 degrees, the reason is that the hydraulic system is designed based on a selected pressure oil viscosity, but viscosity changes with the discretion of the oil temperature, thus affecting work of the system components, such as oil cylinder, hydraulic valve, the control accuracy and response sensitivity is reduced, especially in the case of precision injection machine. High temperature at the same time also will accelerate the seals aging makes its hardening, fracture; Temperature is too low processing and energy consumption, lower the running speed. So pay close attention to the working temperature of hydraulic oil is very necessary. High oil temperature has a variety of causes, but more due to hydraulic failure or the failure of the cooling system, etc.
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