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Injection molding machine how to set the low voltage and high voltage clamping position

by:Hisson     2020-05-01
Clamping process is generally divided into three/four phases, is roughly fast/slow - Low pressure - High pressure; Fast clamping, according to the structure of the mould, is flat, or have a slider, different mould first setting fast clamping pressure/velocity/position, in does not affect the efficiency of the case, set the appropriate pressure/speed/position. Attention should be paid to both let mould smoothly and can reflect is low pressure - fast clamping for principles - - - - - - - - - - - - Slow, this part of the more important & amp; In point moving state, the pressure is set to 0, speed slow, position to zero, because the machine itself has a bottom pressure, although the pressure of 0, mold or joined up, after the mold together, because the location is 0, the high pressure, then according to the main panel mold base location, to the position of the low voltage panel displays values; High pressure, in general, need according to the projection area of the product and material performance to set clamping high pressure values. Set appropriate numerical, need to adjust the low voltage protection, according to the previous step, to correct the position of the low voltage clamping. To ensure effective. A, on the premise of guarantee the mould clamping speed, clamping pressure setting should be as low as possible, as long as it can offset of mould friction resistance ( Template and big pillar of friction resistance, dynamic modulus after contact guide pin guide sleeve friction resistance, inclined guide pillar slider friction resistance, and dynamic templates and support components of friction resistance, etc. ) Can. Second, set up full low pressure protection trip ( Should be greater than the size of the products, have a manipulator should be greater than the manipulator clamp size) , too much of a low voltage protection will affect the accuracy of low-pressure protect pressure and low pressure protection, so be reasonable setting. Third, after the start and end real time measuring low voltage protection, the low pressure set slightly larger than the actual time ( Allowance under 1 second, in order to make sure to stop in time when a foreign body in the mould clamping action of the signal output) , the principle of low voltage protection is in a certain low pressure time, the computer can't sampling to high voltage signal, which cavity, foreign body in it at the computer, in principle, should stop clamping signal output, alarm and output signal at the same time. After four, first set the required clamping force in accordance with the proportion set clamping high pressure pressure and clamping force of different machines when the system pressure is the same, using this mechanism can be set up by high pressure preset clamping force accurately. Five, the first set is larger, the high pressure stroke location at this time in accordance with the experience, gradually reduce the high pressure stroke position until unable to high pressure or machine hinge cannot unbend, ratchet again big high pressure stroke, the clamping force can achieve reliable. If there is a slider, protect position must be greater than the slider guide pillar height, as far as possible little pressure. Experience sharing: low pressure mold protection have a inspection standard, put a 0. 5 - 2 mm thick cardboard, the mold can't fold that you set a success!
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