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Injection molding machine injection molding machine factory of India reduce the anti-dumping tax rate response in China

by:Hisson     2020-11-13
India will produce injection molding machine to China anti-dumping tax rate from 174% down to 29%, a sharp change in policy in India has become contentious within the industry. Then by the injection molding machine factory below to your India to reduce China anti-dumping tax rate, injection molding machine in China is how to respond. India's Ministry of Finance on December 4, announced the new rates, but not for tax reasons to explain. The personage inside course of study says, it is unclear whether the new rate could be increased by reducing the injection molding machine for India's exports of large injection at the airport. Indian anti-dumping on Chinese injection moulding machine, which began in 2009, due to the need of machinery companies in India say get protection, against unfair pricing competitive products in China. India's plastic processing enterprises, on the other hand, want to completely cancel the anti-dumping, so they can better access to injection molding technology, equipment and enhance the global competitiveness. In 2015 India international rubber exhibition held in Calcutta, India, said India molding machine manufacturers to cut the anti-dumping duties as new & quot; Not a problem & quot; 。 They think the country is out of the molding machine industry price sensitive stage. Ferromatik MilacronI ndia Pvt. 有限公司。 N the directors of the company. K。 Balgi this exhibition held in Calcutta, India said: & quot; Injection molding machine in India now is pretty good, in terms of quality and technology in reducing the import tax would never threatened by China import molding machine. ” Balgi believes that the lower taxes may be related to the Indian government & quot; India's manufacturing & quot; Plans are concerned. He said: & quot; We now have the best technology, there are many global joint venture business here, the government also announced the import incentives as the & # 39; India's manufacturing & # 39; Part of the plan, according to WTO standards of the best mechanical equipment adopts a preferential import policy. ” The company is located in Ahmedabad, India is affiliated with mila g dragon in the United States. China plastics machinery industry association, bo gen intelligent equipment co. , LTD. , chairman of Zhu Kangjian on the plastic news said: & quot; For the 29% of the anti-dumping tax rate, we are very dissatisfied. The Indian government to protect the country's industry has taken a untrue or untrusted data; We provide a very detailed data to prove that we have no dumping. Their anti-dumping doesn't conform to the terms of the WTO, it is their own trade protection policy. As a result, our association is very dissatisfied with this, and regret. India, meanwhile, using this kind of means to protect its molding machine industry, molding machine for the local user is not fair, could undermine the plastic industry and even the whole manufacturing industry competition ability. ” China's largest producer of injection molding machine Haitian international holdings co. , LTD. , has said, even though the sea still studying details, but the reduced tax rate is still too high. The director of er in fo the Franz ( Helmar弗朗茨) Said: & quot; In today's competitive environment, no one can afford to spend about 30% of the price to buy imported plastic machinery in China. So, I'm sorry, for me it is only do the surface of the article. ” Haitian will continue to expand, he says, is located in Ahmedabad, India assembly ability. He said: & quot; ( Lower rates] Is a step in the right direction. But, in my opinion, any tariff first will damage the plastic processing enterprises production base in India. ” Machinery maker in Hong Kong cosmos machinery co. , LTD. Is the move to India to give cautious praise. General manager of datong Deng Yu said: & quot; Datong welcomed India reducing tariffs for injection molding machine, but we think the rate is still too high. Lower trade barriers can open field, so as to meet the growing demand. ” Another Chinese machinery industry, according to people familiar with the Indian government is to import injection molding machine Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines launched a second survey, this make the outside world for India's openness has cast a doubt. The investigation is expected to be at the end of January. The senior executive said: & quot; I don't think they are interested in the open field. ” And the personage inside course of study points out, India plastic processing industry capacity utilization rate is low, as many as 70% of installed capacity is not fully used. Also reported that India's injection molding machine industry to expand capacity sharply since three years ago, due to the expected demand will increase, but the demand is still very low. Has been calling for tariffs of the all India plastic manufacturers association reiterated that the import tariffs should be canceled, because India machinery maker has improved the technology level. In addition, tariff cuts also is good for plastics industry in India. Its President Arvind Mehta said: & quot; More and more machines, plastic consumption. 。 。 。 。 。 Will help to increase employment and industry development. ”
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