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Injection molding machine injection molding machine factory of quick die change installation program

by:Hisson     2020-11-08
With the rapid development of machinery industry, in our peacetime use of injection molding machine setup is a very important step of the mould. So, today by injection molding machine factory related personnel here to teach you how to rapidly changing mould installation program related knowledge. Rapid mold changing - - - - - - - Injection mould in time to save more than 90% of replacement and installation tooling, suitable for the current & other; Multiple small & throughout; High speed competition era, promote enterprise competition ability, to achieve the rapid, on time delivery, reduce production cost, saving production time. The installation procedure is as follows: (injection molding machine quick die change 1) 。 Put the mold in the injection molding machine; ( 2) 。 Will die on the edge of the injection molding machine set template on the locating ring; ( 3) 。 Injection molding machine clamping; ( 4) 。 To move/fixed magnetization program template execution; ( 5) 。 Remove the bracket, injection molding machine can work normally.
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