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Injection molding machine injection molding machine of intelligent high voltage switch to a trend

by:Hisson     2020-11-30
As the size of the injection molding machine industry in the field, the industry scale is constantly expanding, the development of the high voltage switch industry focus is to improve the production efficiency of the whole electric power industry and the quality of services industry into strategic adjustment. Strategic adjustment of the high voltage switch industry pattern mainly divided into: longitudinal extension and transverse, longitudinal extension refers to the system, the qualities of industry presents the depth development, such as high voltage load switch equipment technology innovation; Horizontal development refers to focus on the high voltage switch industry scale, the structure of a kind of expansion. Strategic adjustment of the high voltage switch industry thanks to high voltage load switch demand changing, field demand led to high voltage switch industry business development philosophy, business model and so on a series of changes, such changes create a good atmosphere for the strategic adjustment of the suitable for high voltage switch industry. At this stage the manufacturers are actively increase the new type of high voltage switch, load switch products research and development efforts, pay attention to the promotion on the product performance, quality, injection molding machine to intelligent high voltage switch is the main development direction. With the development of intelligent electrical components, high voltage switch has been pushed to intelligent direction. Such as the world is in the lead of high voltage switch products with wages road break line monitoring, detecting movement time, contact parts, spring energy storage time detection, temperature/humidity detection and monitoring of cupboard door, etc. “ Five-year & throughout; During the high voltage switch industry in our country will take the smart grid, the comprehensive construction as an opportunity, based on uhv ac and dc power transmission project, continuously strengthen the independent innovation ability, increase the enhance the level of intelligent high voltage switch equipment, efforts to promote environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction device; Further enhance the overall technical level and international competitiveness, high voltage switch industry efforts to achieve high voltage switch industry from large to strong change. Make high voltage switch cabinet has a continuous monitoring, and connected to the power station control system directly, and other functions, so as to accomplish any combination of a variety of functions, and the technology will guide the future development trend of high voltage switch technology. Therefore, the high voltage switch will make control, signal, protection, measurement and monitoring, and other functions.
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