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Injection molding machine injection molding machine of what mean

by:Hisson     2020-07-03
Integration of injection molding machine, also known as & other; Injection molding machine special frequency conversion control cabinet & throughout; Quantitative pump, mainly used for the control of all types of quantitative pump injection molding machine, to help reduce energy consumption, shorter injection molding cycle, improve movement speed, etc. The design and development of frequency conversion control cabinet. Integration of injection molding is combined with professional injection molding machine frequency conversion transmission control technology, the design and development of the reform for injection molding machine users with high reliability, high precision and can be set in a flexible combination of a complete set of solutions. The following by the injection molding machine factory for you explain what is meant by the injection molding machine. The characteristics of high power saving rate is 2. 1. 1, the use of advanced digital microcomputer control ( DSP) , so that the common quantitative pump injection molding machine and injection molding machine integrated ark up highly efficient energy-saving variable pump; Integration of injection molding machine cabinet in Cornwall FSCG01 series 2. 1. 2, injection molding machine hydraulic system with the machine running the required power match, no high pressure throttling overflow energy loss, power saving rate is as high as 25% ~ 65%. 2 high reliability. 2. 1, strong overload capacity: 150% rated current for 3 minutes, 200% rated current 5 seconds; 2. 2. 2, retaining the original control method and oil injection molding the same, ensure that in the process of injection molding, such as shoot rubber clamping high pressure impact of heavy load, don't jump, does not affect the production process, ensure product quality; 2. 2. 3, electric/running double road safety design, with functions of automatic reset, reset when power supply drop, ensure continuity of production efficiency. Soft start 2. 3. 1, reduce the lock mode vibration and prolong the service life of equipment and mould reduce noise, improve the working environment; 2. 3. 2, heat system significantly reduced, the oil temperature is stable, injection molding machine cooling water can save more than 30%; 2. 3. 3, prolong the service life of sealing components, reduce downtime maintenance opportunity, save a lot of maintenance costs; Easy to operate. 2. 4. 1, dual channel input, can receive 0 ~ 1 a, 0 ~ 10 v and below 200 hz pulse signal; 2. 4. 2, simple installation and strong protection, and injection molding machine synchronous operation, without any adjustment; 2. 4. 3, small volume, convenient installation, humanized design, compact structure, beautiful appearance; 2. 4. 4, totally enclosed air duct design independently, dust, gas, corrosion prevention, environment adaptable; High returns on all investment about 6 to 15 months by electricity saving recycling. Working process of injection molding machine is a kind of special plastic molding machines, which makes use of the thermoplastic plastics, after heated to melt to high pressure to make it fast into the cavity, after a period of time the pressure maintaining and cooling, into various shapes of plastic products. Its basic working procedure process is the same, can be roughly divided into seven process engineering: mode-locked, glue, pressure, melt and cooling, mould opening, thimble. Clamping die pull quickly approaching fixed die pull ( Including slow & ndash; Fast & ndash; Slow) , the presence of foreign bodies, and system into high pressure to lock the template ( Keep the pressure in cylinder) 。 Shot forward in place when shot before to the specified location ( Nozzle and the mould is clingy) 。 Injection can be set screw with multistage speed, pressure and stroke, the soluble material with cylinder front end into the cavity. Set according to a variety of pressure and cooling and the holding time, keep the cylinder pressure, cooling molding cavity at the same time. Cooling and mold cavity products continue to cooling, at the same time hydraulic motor drive screw rotation to push before plastic particles, screw back under the set back pressure control, when the screw back to the desired location, stop rotating screw, injection oil cylinder according to the set out, is expected to end. After the machine back in piasticising, shot back into position. Open mold die pull back to the in situ ( Including slow & ndash; Fast & ndash; Slow) 。 Thimble thimble ejection products. 3. Energy saving principle of the traditional injection molding machine is using quantitative pump oil, every action of the velocity of injection molding process, the requirements of the pressure is different also, it is through the injection molding machine of proportional valves with the method of overflow adjust excess oil bypass flow back to the fuel tank, in the whole process, the motor speed is constant, so the oil is fixed, and because the action is clearance, is not can be full load, so the quantitative oil supply is a big waste of space, according to the measured at least 50%. Integration of injection molding machine cabinet for this waste of space, real-time detection rate of pressure and flow from the injection molding machine nc system signals, motor speed required to timely adjust working condition of each action ( The flow control) , let the pump flow and pressure, can meet the needs of the system is good, and in the state of motion ( Mainly in the cooling state) , stop the motor running, so energy saving space will further increase, so the injection molding machine for frequency conversion energy-saving reform can bring huge energy saving effect. 4. Use effect 1, more energy efficient integration of injection molding machine cabinet average energy saving rate of 25 - electricity-saving rebuilding project 60%, and the mould standby when also can save some electricity. 2, reduce investment due to the injection molding machine oil temperature drop, heat reduce cooling water system, save energy, the cooling water system to expand the capacity of power supply system, once the new injection molding machine or other electrical equipment when they do not need to increase the power supply system equipment, reduce a large amount of investment. 3, prolong the service life of equipment, reducing the speed of the hydraulic oil metamorphism prolonged aging of seals, motor and oil pump bearing wear smaller, prolong service life.
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