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Injection molding machine injection molding machine screw skid why skid

by:Hisson     2020-12-01
Deal with hygroscopic materials ( Such as nylon) High water content, the resin can also cause the screw slippage. Improper drying significantly low viscosity, and occurs in the cylinder of water vapor, thus causes the screw conveying ability is reduced. Why then, injection molding machine screw skid? Then by the injection molding machine factory related personnel to explain for everybody. Parts that can be used in processing before humidity instrument to determine the water content after drying, in order to make the dry material level to the supplier of the Lord. Injection molding machine screw skid will cause the material degradation, which affect the product quality. The cause of the screw skid have? How to seize the slipping of the screw? When the machine barrel screw produce skid, material about gathering collection in the feeding mouth, to the end of the normal to the injection machine. Being in the machine barrel screw rotation and retreat back to transport materials and preparations for next time injection, screw slippage in plasticizing period. At this point, the rotation of the screw is still in the inheritance, but the screw's axial activity stops, the skid. Screw skid often before the injection material degradation, product quality will reduce, Such as lack of material) And the forming period will be extended. Screw slippage of reason is various, probably with the back pressure is too high, the end of the cylinder hot or too cold, cylinder or screw wear, charging period of screw thread too shallow, hopper plan is not reasonable and humid, resin, resin hopper was infarction excessive lubrication, the material is too thin resin and probably reworked material not reasonable cutting and other factors. End of the cylinder too cold is one of the main cause of screw slippage. Injection machine of cylinder is divided into three segments, in the end, the feeding section, the materials in the process of heating and compression, can form a layer of the melt film glued to the screw. Without this film, aggregate is not easy to be transported to the front. Finally, injection molding machine factory points out that the charging period of material must be heated critical temperature, the melt film to form the layer of crisis. , however, are usually material in charging period of time is very short, can't reach the requirements of the temperature. And this kind of environment will generally in small injection machine to produce. Residence time is too short can cause polymer melting and mixing process is not complete, causing the screw skid or stall.
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