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Injection molding machine injection molding machine servo motor selection method

by:Hisson     2020-11-30
Injection molding machine and injection machine and injection machine. It is the thermoplastic or thermosetting material using plastic molding mold made into various shapes of plastic products mainly molding equipment. Divided into vertical, horizontal, full battery. Made of melted plastic injection function heating plastic, under pressure, injection and make it full of mold cavity. Servo motor selection: 1, the rotation speed and the encoder resolution. 2, regeneration of resistance calculation and selection, for servo, generally more than 2 kw, outside to configuration. 3, of load torque on the motor axis conversion and deceleration torque calculation. 4, computational load inertia, moment of inertia of the match, yaskawa servo motor as an example, the partial products of inertia matching up to 50 times, but actually as small as possible, so good for precision and response speed. Twisted-pair cable shielding 5, cable selection, encoder, absolute value encoder for yaskawa servo plot of products is 6 core, incremental is four core.
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