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Injection molding machine injection molding machine working principle and power consumption

by:Hisson     2020-12-05
The development of mechanical industry at any time, injection molding machine is a kind of special plastic molding machines, it can make use of thermoplastic plastics, after heated to melt, to high pressure to make it fast into the cavity, after a period of time the pressure maintaining and cooling, into various shapes of plastic products. Then by the injection molding machine factory to introduce the working principle of the injection molding machine and power consumption under the relevant knowledge. 1, the work cycle of injection molding machine ( 1) Lock clamping: die quickly approaching die pull ( Including slow - Fast - Slow) , the presence of foreign bodies, and system into high pressure to lock the template ( Keep the pressure in cylinder) 。 ( 2) Shot forward in place: shoot stage into the specified location ( Nozzle and the mould is clingy) 。 ( 3) Injection molding, screw can be set to multistage speed, pressure and stroke, the soluble material with cylinder front-end injection mold cavity. ( 4) Set according to a variety of cooling and pressure, pressure and time, keep the cylinder pressure, cooling molding cavity at the same time. ( 5) Cooling and prediction model: mold cavity products continue to cooling, at the same time hydraulic motor drive screw rotation to push before plastic particles, screw back under the set back pressure control, when the screw back to the desired location, stop rotating screw, injection oil cylinder according to the set out, is expected to end. ( 6) After the shot back: piasticising, shot back into position. ( 7) Open die, die pull back to the in situ ( Including slow - Fast - Slow) ( 8) Top: thimble ejection products. 2 molding machines, injection molding machine power consumption power consumption is mainly manifested in the following several parts: (1) the hydraulic system pump power consumption (2) power consumption of the heater (3) of the circulating cooling water pump power consumption ( In the injection workshop, injection molding machine more commonly Shared a cooling water pump) , including hydraulic oil pump motor power consumption of the injection molding machine more than 80% of the electricity consumption, so reduce the power consumption is the key to energy saving of injection molding machine.
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