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Injection molding machine maintenance bad cause major problems

by:Hisson     2020-11-22
Injection molding machine maintenance is important means to assure the injection molding machine production efficiency and service life, injection molding machine manufacturer is what are the original opinion about it? Injection molding machine if you don't pay attention to the maintenance of common in the following several aspects: first, there are a lot of reaction injection molding process of the unsteady phenomenon, due to the hydraulic oil pollution, oil valve can cause congestion, condenser heat dissipation, high oil temperature rise, screw wear and so on a series of phenomenon resulting in injection molding process is not stable. Also said that the problem of high injection defective rate, green column plate deformation wear, machine, process is not stable, molten material plasticizing, clamping precision is poor, the machine fault, cause the injection defective rate is high; And appear the trigger is the cause of deformation due to the small module in a big machine, clamping force, the process parameters is undeserved, inertia force is big, easy create machine hinge type injection pattern plate deformation.
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