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Injection molding machine maintenance knowledge sharing

by:Hisson     2020-04-09
21 points of the injection molding machine daily maintenance! IQT ventilation, the ventilation filter clean. The electrical box is ventilated, clean electricity box and electrical elements. The cleanness of the disk drive. Check all around the outlet are in good condition, the connection is reliable, the voltage is normal, the phase. Heat exchanger cooling effect, cleaning and pipe cooler. Check water control solenoid valve of the aprons are in good condition, the valve core is adjustable. Check whether material feed opening pipe blockage. Determine the drying machine, feeding tube, mold, mold temperature machine of the electric heating device is normal, check whether feeding machine can work normally. All moving parts (add lubrication Green column, dynamic template slider, slippery course) And check for wear or damage. Check the preview device and the line was clear, after the preview playing out clean up oil cha ( Boot once again after two hours to put on the skin) 。 The central lubricating oil tank oil level to be in scope. Cleaning oil inventory, dumping fee oil drums. To check whether the oil level in the gas range, if there is a leak, Including tubing, valves, cylinders, core pulling tubing fast) , just a little bit of oil spill. Check whether all the fastening screw loose, be tight. Check all components are in good condition within distribution box, fixed and connection is loose. Check all the nitrogen pressure ( 0. 12 - 0. 13Mpa) , such as a bottom to zero. 1 mpa must immediately added. Check the machine level every three months. MATS are the uniform stress level to zero. 2mm / m。 Check whether the oil pressure is achieved, the direct use of pressure gauge testing pump, clamping part, injection, the core pulling. Every six months the hydraulic oil filter, fuel tank cleaning, tank placed magnetic block, it is necessary to replace the filter. The wind hood, clean the oil pump motor motor bearing oiling. Check whether the terminal is strong, the attachment is aging. ( Tighten the motor terminal or replace the wiring nose) 。 Make sure all urgent stop switch, safety door switch are effective. Tidy up the machine above the original wire and conduit tubing. Tidy up the machine next to all the pipes, wires and trachea, above all pipe and wire wear machine. Clean up the oil over the existing machines. Check the action is normal, the variable limit switch is reliable. Check whether the screw head wear, screw on whether there is a foreign body, to clean up. Look for magnetic rack feeder within. Check whether shot station in central place, whether all electronic feet zero adjustment is correct. Check all the sensors are in good condition, whether signal in place. All external signals outlet are in good condition.
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