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Injection molding machine manipulator

by:Hisson     2020-04-21
The side-taking injection molding machine manipulator is a new type of injection molding machine manipulator, which is installed on the side ground of the injection molding machine and does not occupy the top space of the factory building. It can save 30% of the factory rent and can also log on my Sina blog to learn more, as a high-tech company, Ningbo Haisen Plastic Machinery Co. , Ltd. has endless pursuit for injection molding machine manipulators, the development of 'side-taking injection molding machine manipulator' has received extensive attention and love from the injection molding machine industry. The superior high-speed side-taking function of the equipment can meet the needs of most injection molding manufacturers. In installation, repair, maintenance and working conditions, the labor cost and injection molding cost are greatly reduced! The manipulator manufacturer of side-taking injection molding machine will tell you what reasons are worth recommending: 1. The factory building is too expensive and difficult to rent, which is a problem perplexing many bosses. The manipulator of the side-taking injection molding machine is installed on the side ground of the injection molding machine. It is not necessary to choose a factory building with high space, where a large sum of money can be saved. If: we can save 10 yuan per square meter by renting ordinary factory buildings, 1000 square meters × 15 yuan = 15000 yuan, then 12 months × 15000 yuan = 180000 yuan. Saving a year is an amazing number. 2. In our actual operation, we found that many factory owners also need to install dust-free workshops. If they are assembled according to traditional workshops, the tall and empty workshops will definitely waste a lot of space, moreover, when the air conditioner is running, the more electricity consumed, the wasted electricity bill is also a huge expense. The manipulator of the side-taking injection molding machine can use the space of the lower floor as the factory building, and the reduction of factory rent will not be mentioned here. It can save 200 kWh of electricity per day for 1 yuan, 200 degrees × 1 yuan = 200 degrees, January 30 days × 200 = 6000 yuan, 12 × 6000 = 72000 yuan a year, it can be seen that this expenditure alone has saved a lot. 3. The side-taking injection molding machine is installed on the side ground, and the maintenance personnel do not need to climb up. The arm is assembled in a modular manner, and the maintenance and replacement are efficient, convenient, safe and extremely fast. 4, side take-up injection molding machine manipulator side pick-up, pick-up path is short, can be high-speed pick-up stacking! ! Efficiency is against the sky! ! ! After watching the video of the manipulator of the injection molding machine, learn that the manipulator is mainly composed of three parts: the actuator, the driving mechanism and the control system. The hand is used to grasp the workpiece (Or tools) According to the shape, size, weight, material and operation requirements of the object to be grasped, there are various structural forms, such as clamping type, supporting type and adsorption type. Manipulator is a multifunctional machine that can automatically locate and control and can be reprogrammed to change. It has multiple degrees of freedom and can be used to carry objects to complete work in different environments. The manipulator consists of an actuator, a drive- Transmission mechanism, control system, intelligent system and remote diagnosis and monitoring system are composed of five parts. In today's life, with the rapid development of science and technology, the difference between mechanical arms and human arms lies in flexibility and endurance. Compared with people, robots have the advantages of high safety, improved efficiency and quality, prolonged service life of machines, and reduced product defect rate. Manipulator is a high-tech automatic production equipment developed in recent decades.
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