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Injection molding machine manufacturer remind you injection molding machine operation process matters needing attention

by:Hisson     2020-12-17
To form a good habit of injection molding machine operation and production safety is of great benefit to improve the machine life. First, boot before: ( 1) To check whether there is water, oil into the electric control box, if be affected with damp be affected with damp, do not switch on. By maintenance personnel will be electrical parts should be dry again after boot. ( 2) Check whether the power supply voltage is in accordance with, the general should not exceed & plusmn; 15%. ( 3) Check the urgent stop switch, before and after the safety door switch is normal. Verify motor and oil pump rotation direction. ( 4) Check the cooling pipe was clear, and the oil cooler and barrel end of the cooling jacket into the water. ( 5) Check the activity parts for lubricating oil ( Fat) Add the lubricating oil, and. ( 6) Open the electric heating, heating tube paragraphs of the machine. When the temperature of the paragraphs is achieved, and then heat preservation for a period of time, so that the machine temperature to stabilize. Holding time according to the requirement of the different equipment and plastic raw materials. ( 7) Inside the hopper add sufficient enough plastic. According to different requirements of plastic injection molding, some raw materials best first after drying. ( 8) To cover the barrel on the insulation plate, so that we can save electricity, and can prolong the life of electric heating circle and current contactor. Second, the operation process: ( 1) Not for convenience, cancel the exit at will. ( 2) Observe the pressure oil temperature, oil temperature is not beyond the prescribed scope. Ideal working temperature of hydraulic oil should be kept between 45 ~ 50 ℃, generally within the scope of 35 ~ 60 ℃ is more appropriate. ( 3) Pay attention to adjust the travel limit switch, avoid machine in action during the impact. Third, at the end of the work: ( 1) Before downtime, clear plastic barrel inside, prevention of leftover material oxidation or long-term thermal decomposition. ( 2) Mould should be open, to toggle lever mechanism for a long time in the blocking state. ( 3) Must be equipped with lifting equipment in the workshop. Mould should be very careful about heavy components such as installation, in order to ensure production safety.
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