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by:Hisson     2020-01-09

The safe operation procedure of injection molding machine is to produce qualified plastic products and ensure the safety of people and equipment.  The safe operation procedure of injection molding machine must be strictly observed. I) Preparatory work before starting the injection molding machine 1.  Wear the safety protection clothing of the workshop rules before the production. (Wear safety) 2.  Clean up the surrounding environment of the equipment and do not store any items unrelated to production. (Clean up the environment) 3, clean up the work table and equipment inside and outside debris, wipe the injection seat guide rail and the clamping part of the pull rod with clean cotton yarn. (Eradicate debris)1. Lubrication of the Xie part since this part is completed, the Xie double oil cylinder pulls the pre-plastic variable speed gear box, pushes the screw through the gear box, and injects the evenly plasticized plastic into the membrane cavity, key components for injection molding. The movement is frequent and there are electric heating devices.  The lubrication system must be strictly implemented. 2. The lubrication of the moving die parts adopts hydraulic power and adopts direct pressure liquid filling device, with simple structure, reliable action and few lubrication points. It is mainly to ensure the formation of lubricating oil film on the four guide pillars, which can be lubricated by mechanical oil through oil cups and oil ropes. There are various vertical injection molding machines on the market Road.  People still have to make a good selection before installation.  Some people may not find the right method in the selection process, that's why various problems have arisen. How do injection molding machines do a good job in overall selection at this time? Whether there are appropriate methods and methods, the following two angles are very suitable for everyone. On the one hand, choose the style of the injection molding machine. Different localities have different demands on the styles and models of products.  When we really know all aspects, the whole selection will become simpler. Many people may have neglected this aspect.  Without the matching of styles and models, it is difficult to make the whole place look very comfortable and harmonious. On the other hand, after selecting a good style, the two-plate injection molding machine should also be optimistic about the quality. Many large injection molding machines with similar styles are also different in the whole quality.  We should carefully distinguish and identify the whole and select more suitable quality, only when it is used can it be truly guaranteed. Many people are not in place on the quality of the resolution, so it is difficult to do a good job in the overall purchase, so it has caused a lot of impact on us. Treatment method for excessive temperature of injection molding machine (1) According to different load requirements, the pressure of overflow valve is often checked and adjusted to make it just right. (2) Reasonable selection of hydraulic oil, especially oil viscosity, under the condition of condition, try to choose a lower viscosity to reduce viscosity resistance. (3) Improve the smooth conditions of moving parts to reduce the loss of resistance, which is conducive to reducing the working load and reducing fever. (4) Forward the installation quality and precision of hydraulic components and hydraulic systems, strictly control the cooperative space of cooperative parts and improve smooth conditions. Select the sealing material with small resistance coefficient and improve the sealing structure, reduce the starting force of the hydraulic cylinder as much as possible, and reduce the heat generated by mechanical resistance and loss. We may now know a lot about the function of injection molding machines, but how much do we know about the working principle of injection molding machines? Now let's take a look! The working principle of injection molding machine is similar to that of injection molding machine.  It relies on screw (Or plunger)The thrust of the will have plasticized good melting (Ji zhan flow pattern) The plastic is injected into the closed mold cavity, and the process of obtaining the product after curing and shaping. Injection molding is a cyclic process, and each cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding-Melt plasticization-Pressure injection-Mold filling and cooling-Start Mode pick-up. After taking out the plastic parts, close the mold and carry out the next cycle. When selecting a small injection molding machine, it is necessary to make an overall resolution from the quality and style of the injection molding machine.  Some people can't find a suitable method at the time of resolution, therefore, it directly affects your future purchase situation, carefully distinguishes all aspects, learns to buy more suitable railings, and will have greater guarantee in the future, some people ignore the relevant issues when they are selected, and they are always unable to make better resolutions. Instructions for safe production of injection molding machines 1.  During semi-automatic normal production of injection molding machines, only the following actions are required: a.  open the front safety door B.  take out the product and material Rod c.  if the safety door needs rated action before closing, it is necessary to be recognized by the technician as a normal production and necessary action before operation. 2.  It is necessary to shut down the oil pump and carry out any other actions under manual conditions; It is also necessary to turn off the power supply for those who touch the electricity.  For example, when working or touching the nozzle and glue barrel, it is necessary to turn off the power supply to ensure safety.  It is necessary to cut off the power supply before packing up the mold or adjusting any mechanical parts; 14.  Under the condition that the Hopper is not blanking, it is not allowed to use metal rods and rods to poke the Hopper roughly to avoid damaging the split screen, screen guard cover and magnet frame in the hopper, if the screw rolls, it is easy to cause serious damage to the equipment caused by metal rods getting involved in the barrel. 15.  When abnormal conditions such as abnormal sound, peculiar smell, sparks and oil leakage of equipment are found in the work of the machine tool, the machine shall be stopped immediately, and the relevant personnel shall be informed immediately, and the defects and possible causes shall be clarified. 16, pay attention to safe operation, do not allow for any reason or support, make may cause damage to the body or damage to the equipment operation method.                                

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