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Injection molding machine nozzle leak adhesive causes analysis and shoot tip matching detection method

by:Hisson     2020-04-07
A, die mold problem 1, pumping tip deformation, plastic under the condition of high speed out of the gap jet; 2, port congestion, rubber into cavity produce leak adhesive ordinary mould mainstream way blocked the mainstream way temperature anomaly mould of hot flow path, the clogging needle mould, sealing the needle couldn't open the second shot back, 1, injection molding machine, injection molding equipment problems of oil cylinder oil seal is damaged, backward phenomenon occurring during shoot glue, leaking glue; 2, shot back cylinder injection molding machine screw loosening, make Taiwan offset, produce leak adhesive; 3, offset, nozzle diameter and mould pumping nozzle hole is no longer a straight line, shoot tip spherical and mould pumping tip spherical not contact, there is crack and leaking glue; 4, shoot tip and die pumping tip do not match, demoulding happens when or leak adhesive, as shown in the figure below: long-term collision, deformation or split and a leak adhesive is generated; 6, high speed and high pressure to loosen shoot tip, shoot tip contact position of the gun barrel flange leak adhesive; Three, craft problem 1, back pressure is too big, in the main gate after cooling, the rubber cylinder outflow from shoot tip; 2, the holding time is too long, the holding pressure and velocity is too high, in the main gate after cooling, the pressure to squeeze the rubber in the shoot tip, to melt when the back cylinder can't shoot, shoot a loose, rubber can squirt, leaking glue; Four, mold installation problem 1, mold, no location ring, shoot tip and die not for pumping the mouth; Code 2, installing a mold, mold iron without compression mould, long-term vibration in production, die sinking, shoot tip and die pumping tip can't is caused leak adhesive; 3, pretend to mouth, shot into pressure, speed is too large, the mould pumping through above red lead detection in A shoot tip, 'A', said the nozzle tip and sprue bushing with complete contact area between 'B' said nozzle tip and the radius of the sprue bushing does not match, 'C' said between the nozzle tip and sprue bushing reduces an inner ring contact area ( Desirable) 。 The experiment results is placed between the nozzle and sprue bushing a pressure sensitive film.
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