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Injection molding machine of vertical injection molding machine power consumption and complete not too bad

by:Hisson     2020-11-26
With the development of machinery industry, the plastic molding industry is one of the fastest in recent years development areas, mainly for injection molding machine technology is constantly upgrade and improve, just on the production efficiency and product quality have greatly improved. So, vertical injection molding machine power consumption and complete not bad? Listen to the injection molding machine factory below is how to say! Vertical injection molding machine is a kind of one of the most widely used mechanical, automation and intelligent marks the production in progress continuously, and other products, its asset may be higher price, so everyday when we want to maintain good on it. 1, vertical injection molding machine is with power consumption, so the electric equipments must be stable, grounding measures must complete, timely inspected daily electric power equipment, timely eliminate power safe hidden trouble. 2, vertical injection pilot work time will have certain quantity of heat, internal oil viscosity decreases, leakage increased, so have to be cooling treatment in a timely manner, to prevent the friction force is too large, lead to losses, reduce the service life of the machine. 3, vertical injection molding machine can continuous work for several days, but necessary for the proper parts inspection, be replaced in time, prevent the penny wise and pound foolish.
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