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Injection molding machine of vertical injection molding machine to choose good time easy

by:Hisson     2020-11-25
With the rapid development of society, all kinds of injection molding machine much more special, in this period of time a lot of people have been complained of vertical injection molding machine, don't know how to choose suitable away actually vertical injection molding machine to choose good time isn't difficult at all. Then by the injection molding machine factory to teach everybody elder sister how to choose the vertical injection molding machine. Choice of supplier to the choose and buy of vertical injection molding machine, it is best to choose a nearby service manufacturers purchase, because the vertical injection molding machine structure is complex, hard to avoid is not a problem, quick after-sales service is the key, don't seek low prices when purchasing, injection molding machine accessories, now domestic and import price difference is very big, so you need to try to find out the manufacturer use what brand of accessories. Some accessories, of course, you can't see it, such as oil seal, bearing and so on, so this time the manufacturer's popularity, credibility is key. Injection molding machine factory is pointed out that the important factors influencing the injection machine choice usually include mold, products, plastic, molding, etc. , therefore, must first be collected or before to choose has the following information: the mold size ( Width, height, thickness) , weight, special design, etc. ; Use the amount and type of plastic ( Single material or a variety of plastic) ; The appearance of the injection molding product size ( Length, width and height, thickness) , weight, etc. ; Molding requirements, such as quality, production speed, etc. 1, we have: the mould and finished product decision & other Mould schedule & throughout; And & other; Joe travel & throughout; Is enough to make the finished product out. Mould schedule at least should be greater than the height of the finished product in the direction of switch mode more than double, and vertical runner is required ( sprue) The length of the; Travel need enough to finished product out. 2, select the right type: decided by the products and plastic model and series. 3, well: from plastic judgement & other Screw compression ratio & throughout; And & other; Injection pressure & throughout; Such conditions. Some engineering plastics need high injection pressure and the appropriate screw compression ratio design, just have good molding effect, so in order to make the finished product shoot better, also need to consider when choosing screw the needs of the radiation pressure and compression ratio. 4, put down: by the mold size for determining the machine & other; Big column interval & throughout; 、“ Die thick & throughout; 、“ Mould minimal size & throughout; And & other; Mold size & throughout; If appropriate, to confirm the mould is put down.
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