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Injection molding machine on history and development of injection molding machinery and equipment

by:Hisson     2020-10-13
The injection molding machine industry in China has developed rapidly, the injection molding machine has been loved and revered by each plant, speaking of which, the development history of it is in what time? And later in the injection molding machine industry development prospect is how? Injection molding machine manufacturer for everyone to talk here. Injection molding machinery and equipment history China plastic machinery began in the late 50 s of the 20th century, with the development of China petrochemical industry, China injection molding machinery and equipment industry gradually formed an independent industry, and begun to take shape. China has become the world's largest country in machines in PCS/sets of production, ningbo Haitian injection molding machine also became the world's largest manufacturing enterprises. In recent years, injection molding machinery industry developing rapidly, the injection molding machine manufacturing enterprises has grown to more than 1000, but has a certain scale, the strength of the enterprise about 400 or so. Finally, the injection molding machine manufacturer also learn about injection molding machinery industry after China & other; 15 & throughout; Realized leap-forward development, industry scale, the main economic indicators for eight years increasing year by year, its development speed and main economic indicators in the machinery industry in a 194 are among the best in the industry.
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