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Injection molding machine process - Play discontent - Lack of glue

by:Hisson     2020-04-07
Lack of rubber product we often encounter, but also easy to solve. When use technology means do not solve, can be improved from the consideration on the mold design and manufacturing, generally can be resolved. Such problems, injection while watching the movement of the injection molding machine screw. Particularly want to pay attention to melt pressure maintaining complete and completes the screw position. The first kind of circumstance: injection molding machine screw melt position reached set value, the injection pressure is complete position 0 ( The residual amount of 0) 。 Possible reasons: 1, the leak adhesive. Appear this kind of situation, first of all should immediately check whether there is any leakage on the plastic injection machine gun barrel glue; Injection molding machine nozzle and mold master bushing between cooperate whether leak adhesive. If there are any leak adhesive, products with glue is the phenomenon of course, should be ruled out. Only in the case of confirmed no melt leakage, to check when below products with glue, and no colloid leakage, may be the glue quantity is not enough. Need to increase the melt trip at this moment, increase the amount. Increase the melt trip to continue after the injection and observe the screw residual glue, plastic trip and products into the rubber. 2, glue quantity is not enough. Increase the melt after stroke, increase products into the rubber, said gelatin quantity is not enough, need to continue to increase the melt. After melt trip when achieving the maximum, the product still dissatisfied with glue, you need to replace the large number of injection molding machine. 3, a meson leak adhesive. As with the increase of melt trip, when we do the injection products into the glue quantity and no corresponding increase, may be for injection molding machine rubber meson leak adhesive. 4, injection molding machine, the pressure is normal, whether there is material overflow phenomenon, screw set whether perfect craft, mold material whether smooth, lack of material location whether the venting is not good, the product is too thin to check the method of gluing meson leak adhesive: keep a injection molding cycle of product within the cavity, to switch to manual glue. Injection pressure changes from small to big, observe the screw forward the amount you can judge a leak adhesive glue meson. Manually, shoot the screw don't forward, shows a rubber meson sealing is good, don't leak adhesive. In larger injection pressure, the screw with a little forward, is allowed, not melt leakage at this time, but the melt pressure which caused by shrinkage. Products with glue of whatever happen, you must first check the injection molding machine gun barrel, injection molding machine nozzle mould between the presence of leak adhesive happens; Followed by the inspection of the injection molding machine screw the front rubber meson presence of leak adhesive. Only ruled out after the two cases, other aspects of test, the following decision method, are based on ruled out after the two cases, no longer be tired. The second case: injection molding machine screw can reach the melt stroke setting, but not set injection stroke ( There are residual amount) 。 This kind of circumstance is said in the gun barrel melt, but shot into the cavity. Possible reasons: 1, the melt enough liquidity. Melt enough liquidity, flow resistance is big, colloid is difficult to pack into the mould. Appear this kind of situation, and could be the following reasons: a) Raw material itself illiquid; b) Processing of gun barrel temperature setting is too low or not reached set value, such as the temperature display is not true. c) Mold temperature is low, although the gun barrel of colloid liquidity is good, but after inflows into the mold flow, cooling too quickly, in the mold cavity in the runner of the liquidity is poor, lead to dissatisfaction with filling glue. (d) Check if there is any foreign body nozzle hole or not plasticizing plastic, increase the amount of cooling of hopper throat area, shot material cylinder or reduce the zone temperature. 2, the injection molding process parameter Settings. Injection pressure is low, glue filling colloid can't overcome resistance; When injection rate is low, filling glue melt cooling time is long, liquidity is reduced, cause a large filling adhesive resistance; Injection pressure maintaining time is short, product before full stop filling, etc. , can lead to dissatisfaction with rubber products. 3, filling glue channel congestion. Because of the cold glue, caused by impurities or other material jam filling glue channel filling adhesive, however, can also lead to dissatisfaction with rubber products. At this point need to check the injection molding machine nozzle, mainstream channel, distributary channel, such as gate was clear, if there is any jam you may need to clean up. 4, mould gating system is flawed. The defects of mould gating system is divided into the following several aspects: a) Port is too small and too thin or too long, increase the fluid resistance; b) Runner and gate rough scars, or acute Angle, the surface roughness, poor effect of material flow; c) Cold slug well set incorrectly or is not set, the cold glue collection is incomplete, cause the clogging in runner or gate; (d) Gate location or the number of Settings, filling adhesive resistance is greater than the injection pressure, colloid don't charge into a mold; e) Mold venting is not good or exhaust location Settings, mold local trapped gas led to product packing. 5, bad product design. Bad product structure design, plastic design uneven, partial glue is too thin, lead to the products.
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