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Injection molding machine processing of plastic injection molding machine clamping part of the problem

by:Hisson     2020-12-10
In the enterprise, at ordinary times when using the plastic injection molding machine will be the mode locking problems by time, that should be how to deal with these problems? Injection molding machine technical personnel here to share with several processing methods. ( A) No clamping processing method is as follows: 1, check the safety door switch, and repair, 2, check all the electricity in the 24 v5a power, in the insurance and power box 3, check whether the valve core is stuck, clean the valve core. 4, check the I/O board for output, the electromagnetic valve is electrically charged. 5, check whether the hydraulic safety switch is pressing, mechanical lock rod dampers is on. ( 2) Mold opening and closing machine ground ring processing method: 1, check whether the plastic injection molding machine lubricating oil pipe is disconnected, if mess up, have to pick up good tubing. 2, small amount of lubricating oil and add lubricating oil quantity, suggested 50 mould preview a to add the lubricating oil or use the manual. 3, large clamping force, check whether the mold is increasing clamping force, clamping force. 4, current amplification board, check whether the current parameters is in line with the acceptance criteria, to the current value. 5, parallelism is poor, with full check whether head junior parallelism is greater than the acceptance standard; The parallelism. ( 3) For a few seconds to open mold processing methods, such as: 1, slow start, check whether the screw damping is too large, the small screw Yin's hole. 2, among Yin, screw hole is too big, check whether Y hole screw Yin, too, in the center hole fine Yin, nail. ( 4) Crawl lock mould processing method: 1, check the plastic injection molding machine guide rail wear and Corinth live big second board, check the junior Lin Zhu guideway and the elder brother, column of lubricating oil. 2 improper pressure adjustment, the lock mould speed, set the flow 20, 99 when clamping pressure junior should not crawl, adjust flow proportional valve hole, or pilot valve hole, adjust proportional valve linear current value. 3, there is air in the pipeline and oil cylinder and exhaust. ( 5) Open mold processing method of the open: 1, increase the open mould clamping speed, pressure flow is too small not good, check the lock mode speed, pressure whether appropriate, increased pressure lock mode, speed. 2, clamping electronic scale zero change, check whether clamping straighten machine ground after termination at zero, heavy 橷 e-commerce 'zero at a high speed. 3, check whether the hinge. ( 6) In the automatic production mode will be more and more tight or loose processing method: 1, mold injection molding machine electromagnetic leakage in the valve, check whether the electromagnetic valve is type O, replacing Su whether electronic valve solenoid valve does not work with 24 v battery. Manual dozen other movements, whether there is action, and see if valve is jammed. Finally, the injection molding machine manufacturer to remind everyone of clamping of the plastic injection molding machine as long as happen can be in accordance with the above method to deal with.
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