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Injection molding machine production operation should pay attention to what issues?

by:Hisson     2020-04-27
Injection molding machine production operation matters needing attention: 1, the mount guard after the production rules of protective clothing to wear good workshop. Around 2, cleaning equipment working environment, prohibit to store any has nothing to do with the production of goods. 3, clean up the equipment below the workbench, injection of slide guide and hopper, are not allowed to have any store items; In addition to check hopper in presence of foreign bodies. 4, check the equipment safety protection facilities equipment, should be no damage, and to test its working reliability. 5, look for loose parts fastening nut. 6, after driving the lubrication parts filled with lubricating oil, and pay attention to check each part about 2 h lubrication condition, real time add lubricating oil ( Fat) 。 7, found above equipment parts very, have damaged phenomenon, should report to workshop related personnel. Must not drive, can't handle on its own. And recorded. 8 above, equipment, safety protection device is allowed to move casually, more and more will never allow modification or deliberately lose its effect. 9, for the protection of the equipment has been found that there is a problem not be maintenance and troubleshooting, are not allowed to drive production use. 10, often check the hydraulic oil quality and oil, keep the oil in the tank marked area. The hydraulic oil should be replaced after the use of 3000 ~ 4000 h. 11, often check the hydraulic oil temperature, pay attention to the high oil temperature to increase the flow of cooling water. 12, trial production, when the air injection, front nozzle is not allowed to stand. 13, equipment running away, anyone is not allowed on the equipment to do other work. 14 and the operator to cut off the power when you leave the equipment. 15, such as a sudden power failure or accident, should immediately discharge material stock within a barrel. 16, clamping parts of a safety device, succession should check its working reliability test. 17, production stops to remove the barrel of the remaining residual material, the use of copper tools spatula sticky material, not allowable hard of the screw and the removed parts. It is strictly prohibited to fireworks within 18, workshop. Prohibit to play within 19 workshop or loud noise. 20, the product should be piled up neatly.
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