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Injection molding machine safety device maintenance screening point

by:Hisson     2020-04-08
Injection molding machine safety equipment overhaul, 1) Electric injection molding machine safety device for the front door and back door is equipped with limit switches to protection. At the beginning of the injection, the first to close the door before and after. After general safety door closed for a long time, before the door is equipped with two limit switch interlock. Only close the door after pressing forward security door limit switch, limit switch after the release before the security, injection molding work can begin. Daily check and maintenance personnel shall have the injection molding industry and specialty, mechanics for regular safety inspection and maintenance. Access points are as follows: 1) Before and after the safety door pulley is normal, do you have any aberrance, pulley is falling, etc. 2) Before and after the safety door pulley is flexible, spacing is reasonable, the bearings are in good condition. 3) If there is a crack welding safety doors, fall off, to see if there is any breakage. 4) Check whether exit stents and firm, with or without screw loose protection frame for damage, etc. 5) Safety limit switch is reliable, do you have any loose, break, short circuit or open circuit fault, etc. Before and after the change the limit switch, it is important to pay special attention to the safety door limit switch connection mode is different. Limit is pressing for contact before and after the limit is the release to get through. Only reliable safety door shut down, to be able to do the work for injection molding. ( 2) Machinery safety protection device of injection molding machine safety protection device is installed in the door at the top of the mechanical fuse, is to prevent in the process of production, after one thousand mechanical and electrical failure, not harm the body of the device. Access points are as follows: 1) Mechanical insurance objects bottom is firm, do you have any desoldering or loose, etc. 2) Mechanical bumper is loose, the fixed frame is solid. 3) Whether whether insurance block is flexible, reliable, strong. 4) Bumper interval length is reasonable, the general interval according to injection molding products, such as injection molding box products its spacing is 120 mm. 5) After the period of insurance cover network in good condition, do you have any damage, etc.
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