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Injection molding machine screw damage cause analysis and repair methods

by:Hisson     2020-04-29
1, damage to the screw, because raw material plasticizing at low temperature. Of raw materials mixed with the impurities of metal foreign body or more. 螺杆空运气于时间过长。 Manufacturing screw material selection is not reasonable. Screw manufacturing precision is low, thread surface heat treatment hardness is low. 2, screw the disassembly sequence of screw is disassembled should use a special tool, not with a heavy hammer percussion, specific disassembly steps are as follows. 拆卸喷嘴以及喷嘴朝机筒间的连接件。 螺杆后部钥匙连接处与驱动轴分离。 Remove the connecting flange screw back upon. 当螺操纵杆头部暴露机筒时,立刻拆卸螺杆头连接螺纹( Note: this thread most commonly for left-handed) 。 Remove the screw on the non-return ring and seal ring. Removed the nozzle, non-return ring, sealing ring and screw, should be used immediately strike copper brush, each part of the shovel type tool clear scrap. Special difficult to clean up the sticky material, should be put in oven heating, temperature is the lowest temperature can make the material softening, and then again to remove residual material. Screw on top of all the parts assembled together, the threaded connection parts with molybdenum disulfide thermal grease, convenient to remove the next time. 暂不使用的螺杆于表面清洁后要卫生筷防护油,包好,吊卦于通风安全音。 3, screw repair and replacement screw working face if have mild wear or scratch marks, available oil stone or fine grinding emery cloth, light injury. 螺杆的工作表面有严重磨损,伤痕沟较深时,应检情景分析螺操纵杆磨损原因,排除故障,你避免再次出现类似现象,然后对较深的伤痕沟进行助理焊修复。 Heavily damaged if the screw thread, screw and barrel of the fit clearance increases, there was a molten material work when leakage flow increases, injection quantity is unstable, the screw threads of the outside circle should be thermal spraying alloy, and then according to the actual size of barrel inner diameter, in accordance with the requirements for the parts fit clearance ( Sucking 3 - 3) The screw grinding. If the barrel wear serious, after repair inner hole diameter increases, the screw grinding after spraying cannot have satisfied fitting clearance of barrel and screw size requirements, the screw should be made again. Screw thread diameter, should according to the requirements of the two parts fit clearance, referring to the barrel of the actual machining inner hole diameter.
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