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Injection molding machine screw skid what reason be?

by:Hisson     2020-10-14
Appeared in the process of production of injection molding machine screw skid, then material by may all gathered in the feeding mouth, and can't normal delivery to the end of the injection machine, when the screw in the rotation and inside the barrel retreat, to transport materials, ready for the next injection at the same time, at this time. Screw slippage can happen in places plasticizing period. And at the same time, the rotation of the screw continues, but it will stop the screw's axial movement, namely skid. Screw occurs that skid often allow injection before the material degradation, lack of material products will happen, so the quality will also decline, the molding cycle will be extended. Screw skid happens to many reasons, such as: charging period of thread is too shallow, back pressure is too high, the design of the hopper is not reasonable, tube end extreme cold or heat, hopper was blocked, resin be affected with damp be affected with damp, screw or cylinder wear, material is too thin and reworked material cutting is not reasonable, and so on. In these reasons, the end of the cylinder too cold is one of the main cause of the screw slippage. Under normal circumstances, the injection cylinder can be divided into three sections, the end, that is feeding section, aggregate in the process of compression and heating, can form a layer of the melt film glued to the screw. If there is no this film, then aggregate will not easy to be transported to the front end of the injection machine. There are two simple methods can be sure that the screw slippage phenomenon appeared. One way is to the end of the cylinder to join a small amount of material, in order to detect the temperature of the melt, if stay time is very short, then the temperature of the melt will be lower than the temperature of the cylinder above the set point. The second method is to check if the products, products with light and dark stripes or patterns, then mixing of materials in the barrel of uneven. Once appear, the injection molding machine screw slippage, so can improve the feeding section of the temperature of the cylinder, until the screw retraction and rotation. To achieve this purpose, the temperature of the cylinder is likely to need to improve to exceed the temperature set point.
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