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Injection molding machine screw structure in the condition how to choose

by:Hisson     2020-04-09
In the general-purpose injection molding machine screw structure, generally USES the general standard diameter of the screw. Special conditions when needed, with a suitable for high pressure or low pressure need regular wishing to stem. This kind of screw with general injection molding machine, basic can satisfy the commonly used resin injection molding work. According to the injection products performance of different materials, can choose a reasonable configuration of the screw structure. Put forward the following several injection molding products with screw structure conditions, supply reference choice available. 1 hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic injection products with screw due to poor thermal stability of rigid polyvinyl chloride resin, high viscosity of the molten material, so the injection pvc-u products with the screw should choose small compression ratio ( Typically take 1. 4 to 2) , the length to diameter ratio is smaller, the homogenization of the screw ( Metering section) And the charging period ( Transporting section) Is shorter, and the homogenization of thread groove to the deeper. Should choose taper screw head, injection nozzle for straight through. 2 ABS, such as an amorphous type plastic injection molding products with screw ABS and non-crystalline type plastic injection molding with the screw structure, available no homogenization section ( Metering section) And only charging period and the transition section of the screw. This reduces molten material overheating, increasing the screw plasticizing capacity and mixing effect. For an amorphous type high viscosity liquid injection ( Such as PS, � � 0 2 ppo, 2 PC, � � � 0 0 � 2 pmma, � � 2 0 as and POM material) , straight through the nozzle should be adopted. 3 such as polyethylene, polypropylene crystallization type plastic injection molding products with screw type such as polyethylene, polypropylene crystallization of plastic injection screw, tend to have larger compression ratio ( 3�9�13. 5) Screw, at the same time, also should have ring of non-return device, this is to ensure that the working efficiency of the injection molding machine, prevent the reverse flow of liquid injection are larger. Due to the low melting viscosity of the resin, should be adopted to prevent salivate type nozzle.
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