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Injection molding machine system is the core technology

by:Hisson     2020-10-14
Due to the industry in China started relatively late, so in the machinery manufacturing industry compared with the developed countries, there is a big gap, in many industries, domestic products have reached the world first-class level, or in some areas still leads the world advanced level, but why unique machinery manufacturing industry has such a big gap. Mainly is the heart of a domestic enterprise has yet to master the mechanical technology, such as: the machine injection molding machine industry, because the master is not always the injection molding machine system, will not be able to manufacture to produce the most advanced machinery, may be someone will ask, why in injection molding machine, the core technology is a system, rather than any other parts, which is determined by the industry, and if there is no system control, basically, all the enterprises can be created. There is cloud in the injection molding machine servo system, it is mainly used for energy saving, consume energy before due to the traditional injection molding machine is very fast, and waste is serious, in order to change this kind of situation, in the vertical injection molding machine to install this bowling cloud servo system to save, energy saving, in order to reduce production costs. In horizontal injection molding machine industry, only to master the core technology of manufacturing, to produce more advanced products, to form their own brand, occupies an important position in the middle of the global rivals.
It is beyond doubt that benefits plastic injection molding companies. Market sentiments are strong, especially in the light of growing 5 gallon blow molding machine observed globally.
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