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Injection molding machine technology - Clamping - Thimble fault

by:Hisson     2020-04-30
In the production of automatic tuning mode will be more and more tight or loose processing methods: 1) : the variable inside the solenoid valve leakage, check for the 'O' type solenoid valve, model 4 we6e or 0810092101, replace solenoid valve or whether the electromagnetic valve does not work with 24 v battery. 2) : manual activity whether there are other action, and see if valve is jammed. Clamping other action after work, fully automatic drive slowly die processing methods: 1) : oil leaking plate, inspect or replace express mode locking valve, replace the oil plate. 2) Mould opening: valve leakage, to start the pump and clamping end, according to shoot or shoot glue action, whether junior backward-shift, replace the cavity oil valve. Normal to the lock mode. Clamping mould opening only action processing methods: 1) : the wrong line, check for 24 VDC to the valve, the check circuit and wiring. 2) : the wrong card valve or valve core, check whether the valve core is wrong, or congestion, reinstall valve core or cleaning. Under normal circumstances the lock mode movement is motionless. Clamping breakdown processing methods: 1) Type A, B, improper adjustment, set 20 system flow, pressure, 99, observe whether clamping action is crawling, to adjust or change valve. 2) There is air in oil, listen to the oil in the presence of air, check the oil in the presence of air bubbles, need to vent. 3) Enlarge plate oblique rise fall improper adjustment, observe the ammeter is proportional to the current value and whether changes in or with speed, adjust the amplifier board. Can not clamping high pressure, beyond the stroke treatment: 1) Limit switch beyond limit, check whether the variable appropriate, adjust the appropriate mold thickness. Check whether the motor is normal. 2) Hydraulic limit over schedule, appropriate electronic foot stroke position, check whether the variable appropriate, the appropriate mode forward. Manual have mould is terminated, semi-automatic without mould process termination methods: 1) Mould opening valve leakage, manual shot behind the action, observe whether junior is backwards, replace the mould opening valve. 2) Check the electronic scale biggest stroke and pressure flow. No thimble action processing method: 1). Thimble limit switch bad, use multimeter check lights on 24 v close switch. Replace the thimble limit switch. 2) Valve, with hexagonal key press plunger valve core can move, clean the pressure valve. 3) Thimble limit rod break, stop after take out the limit lever with the hand, change the limit lever. 4) Plunger switch short circuit, using a multimeter to check thimble, switch to ground zero voltage change of plunger switch. 5) Electronic foot position Settings. When semi-automatic thimble control processing methods: 1) : thimble plate bad, check whether the circuit is normal, normal voltage DV24V. Maintenance thimble plate. 2) : break line, comprehensive check switch cables, cables on the I/O board. Check the circuit, wiring again. 3) : check whether there is any go on mold. 4) : does the oil cylinder piston rod sealing ring damage. Mould loudly when processing method: (1) Location: the linear between, the process time pressure flow control, check the parameters in the oblique rise fall, adjust the parameters of the oblique rise fall. 2) : poor lubrication clamping machine hinge, check brother Lin Zhu, junior feet slip, machine hinge lubrication situation, increasing lubrication, increase the number of preview. 3) : the mould clamping force is too large, check the force when the mould clamping force, according to the condition of the user product reduce clamping force. Check whether time position suitable. 4) : the head junior parallelism deviation, check head plate junior parallelism. Adjust the junior, head plate parallel error. 5) : slow turn fast mould setting position is too small, too fast. Check the slow mould rapid mould proper position, slowly open mold speed is too fast. Extended slowly open mould position, reduce the speed of the slow open mould.
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