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Injection molding machine technology - Low voltage protection - Mold protection

by:Hisson     2020-04-06
What is set at a low voltage protection clamping injection parameters and setting, clamping stroke, mould low pressure protection when the mould is going to close be sure to use the low voltage clamping at low speed, to ensure the safe and stable or tight of mold, at the same time when the mould have products or shuikou stick model can better protect the mold, to prevent mold crush. First turn on the low voltage protection pressure set to 0, then set your injection molding machine for low pressure manually, closed repeatedly see mould low pressure required to set the location of the ( The actual location) , with the minimum of low pressure, each time adding 0. 5 bar, or 1%, turn to low voltage clamping high pressure so far, for us to set low voltage protection pressure. Set of low voltage protection distance on product thickness plus 2 - mold closing direction vertical projection 5毫米( Namely the thickest glue) For us to set the low voltage protection distance, in case of special circumstances according to the structure of the mould and products to set low voltage protection distance. If complex mold line or inclined top of a mold, suggested in a insert inclined guide pillar can begin to turn low pressure slow when the injection molding machine clamping low-pressure protect is set to manual, repeatedly closed mold observation stage, the time needed for low voltage protection distance between plus 0 at this time. 5 - 0. 8 seconds as we want to set a time of low voltage protection, don't be too long otherwise easy to damage the mould. Low voltage protection speed with the minimum of low speed with low pressure, each time 10 mm/S, speed is less than 100 mm/S, turn to low voltage clamping high pressure so far, for us to set the speed low voltage protection, if it is spring mould cannot be closed completely, or you want to reduce the mold contact time, can be in the appropriate large mold speed low voltage protection, pressure. Low voltage protection in abnormal way of mold protect mould opening force action, complete position closed mechanical in open mold. Special tooling according to the special requirements to set to adapt the demand of different products or mold, mold protect pressure is 10% of the clamping force ability or according to the actual clamping force + 0. 3 kn can, if it is spring mould cannot be closed completely, or you want to reduce mold contact time, can be in + - 10% of mold protect pressure adjustment. Pay special attention to 1. In set mode-locked itinerary, mold protect pressure must be set by the mold temperature after reaching the set value can be accurately under voltage protection setting adjustment, because in LengMo getting better stay hot peng after clamping when mould heating. 2. Set after the completion of need ordinary card folded after wet paste with butter on the safety of the mold parting surface, clamping test again low voltage protection. If the machine will alarm after clamping is OK, otherwise the reset until OK, low voltage protection parameters and will be OK in the low voltage protection parameters ( Pressure. Speed. Position. Time) Truthfully recorded in the parameter list
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