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Injection molding machine technology - The effect of injection pressure

by:Hisson     2020-04-06
A, the effect of pressure is when the melt cooling/curing shrinkage, maintain a pressure, continue to inject molten to fill the contraction of space, reduce or avoid the dent. Turn left | turn right the holding period of the set pressure must not exceed extrusion of set pressure, otherwise the burrs could produce in the holding period. Much of the holding pressure is every period of decline, but the ideal drop is linear, drop the class character, to match the contraction of the practical need of gradually. Due to the slow contraction, screw speed is also slow, such as the rate of 2% is enough. Energy saving injection molding machine, mainly in the pump flow when pressure down to such as 3%, and the traffic is always quantitative pump more than 100%, then a saving of 97%. The longer the holding time, Large wall thickness) The more, save power consumption. Only when the pressure control pressure and cannot control traffic, due to the shrinkage is not injection molding machine to control, this is contrary to injection of the front. About how long the holding time, when production weight rise no more, or dent, acceptable pressure can stop. The next step is plasticizing. It is started at the same time and the cooling time, judge cavity filled with extended data, it can be said that the holding point is separate injection (2 Including extrusion) And the holding of the screw position. The operator to set the holding point, is to find out the cavity filled with the screw location, have the following three ways. 1, the theoretical calculation. Such as d = screw diameter, screw s = trip, w = parts (the total weight Including cold runner weight) Rho, g = plastic density at room temperature, g/CCW can express w = (like this πd2) / ( 400). * s / 10×0。 85 x rho 0. 85 was a factor. So it s = ( 4000 w) / ( 0. 85ρπd2) = ( 1497. 9 w) / ( ρd2) And the holding point, h = p - S, p = plasticizing the screw position 2, when the cavity filling, the speed of the screw forward suddenly down. This can be from the injection molding machine screw position ( Machinery) Pointer observed during injection and holding, and read slow down from a pointer to the back of the paper 'moment of the screw position. This position will be set to the holding point value. 3, during injection and holding, observation system pressure gauge. When the cavity filling, hydraulic pressure surge. The observer to shout out, by another observer read pointer or computer display of the screw position. Set the location to the holding point value. This method is only suitable for thick wall injection molding injection speed. Three, the injection molding machine operation turn left | turn right from the operating level, injection and pressure has the following in common. 1. Unless you use servo valve injection, injection direction valve during injection and holding are open, which will not shut down, Of course also won't turn) 。 2. In general on a computer screen, and the injection pressure has the speed and pressure control. 3. Injection section, although with screw locations are the most accurate, but also can distinguish with time, ( Called time injection) The same as the holding of the section
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