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Injection molding machine thoroughly clean the main steps

by:Hisson     2020-10-24
In the use of injection molding machine, be sure to regularly clean injection molding machine, so as to make injection molding machine service life greatly. So we should how to clean injection molding machine? What are the main steps? Next by precision for you to share the following. 1. Choose the correct all kinds of injection molding machine special cleaning agents. 2. Use detergent clear feed tube group. 3. Carefully take out the screw injection molding machine, screw temperature drop to eighty degrees Celsius, hide glue material peeled off tables, then polishing processing, and check the screw and three-piece ( The rocket head, meson, non-return loop) If damaged. 4. The temperature rose to 300 & deg; Or so, the use of special pipe brush to flush feed tube wall, and then use clean cloth to wipe material tube, the light, use flashlight to check if the lining is damaged. ( If you screw and feeding tube has scratches and wear, please repair or replace them immediately. ) 5. Check whether is plugged or metal nozzle loose inside the nozzle, cleaning and maintenance in a timely manner.
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